Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gift Hunting

It's less than a month ago before Christmas!  Are you excited as well?  Yes, this Christmas season is going to be very special for me because I'm now a certified WAHM. I've decided to quit my high paying job to enjoy the comforts of being at home with my family.  Sometimes, it's a bit stressful and tiring to manage the household even if I already have a house helper but there's a feeling of happiness and fulfillment that cannot be replaced with any amount of money.

One exciting activity for the family is hinting for gifts for our traditional exchange gifts every Christmas.  My kids are now young adults and choosing a gift for them is getting harder as compared to before when they were just small kids where a simple toy, a pair of shoes, shirts and dresses will do.  Now, I have to live up with their preference in things.  I always give my son a watch as a gift.  In fact, this was my gift to him on his last birthday.  he's a certified watch addict and he has already a number of few nice watches in his collection. But he's not the type who would long for really expensive watches, just the normal brands will do as long as he loves the design and color.  I've been eyeing for these Nixon watches online but I'm not sure though whether he would like them as mostly the designs are for adults.  I might look for some on malls too but I'm not really decided yet.  I want to give him something unique this time but it's really hard to think and decide.

Anyway, I still have almost a month to go before Christmas, I hope I would be able to find a nice gift by then. :)

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