Thursday, October 10, 2013

It's Leptospirosis This Time!

Two days ago, I've heard about the new epidemic outbreak in Olongapo City. After the sad stories brought about by the killer flood last September 23, residents of Olongapo, including our family, are working very hard to restore our homes to it's original shape.  So, hearing about this second bad news really made me sad. I've seen from the news that 6 persons already died and more than 200 patients are now confined at the James L. Gordon Memorial Hospital and were diagnosed of being infected with the same disease.

It's very alarming since we do not know yet how far the epidemic would go, but I am really so worried for my family right now.  I hope, they didn't get the disease.  I feel sad about "my kababayans" in Olongapo City.  I know that many families are still at the evacuation centers and now, another unexpected problem occurred.  I hope those who are in the hospital right now are able to take the proper medications and could recover from the disease soon.

The city government is now exerting all it's efforts to help the victims of Olongapo and Mayor Rolen Paulino had already made an appeal to his constituents to immediately go to the nearest health center or to the hospital once they experienced any of the symptoms of the dreaded disease. 

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  1. I pray for the safety of your family and relatives out there. I hope the epidemic is contained now.


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