Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to Choose the Right Acting School

There are a number of acting schools in Los Angeles and New York, so it is important to carefully choose which one is right for you. Prestigious acting schools, like International Academy of Film and Television, can provide you with training on both film and television. Other schools may focus more on one form of entertainment than the other. It is important that you have a general idea about whether you want to focus on film, television, or theater so that you can find the right school for your future goals.

Sit in on Classes

Most acting schools will allow potential students to sit in on classes so that you can get a general feel for how the class runs. Their curriculum should cover all of the aspects of the film making process, from acting to directing, so that you understand the bigger picture. Call the school to schedule a sit-in.

Participate in a Short Film

You need to get as much experience as possible as soon as you can. Whether you are participating in short films, school productions, or local theater showcases, you need to hone in on your craft and expand your acting horizons. Take a look at local casting calls and call your acting school of choice to inquire about how you can audition for one of their short films.

Oftentimes, acting schools will make their own films so that all acting and film making students have a chance to practice the skills they have learned. You may be able to star in one of these films to see if you like the school’s style, film equipment, and professionalism.

Tuition and Scholarships

Acting school can be very expensive, especially for struggling actors. However, they are worth it because along with helping to improve your skills, these classes can also help to make you feel more confident in your abilities.

Schools like International Academy of Film and Television are more affordable and offer significant assistance with tuition in the forms of various scholarships. Speak with your school of choice about whether they have financing, payment plan, or scholarship options. Request as much information as you can so that you can make an informed decision.

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