Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Sale

I've been going to the mall frequently over the past two weeks and as expected, I've been seeing lots of Halloween stuff on sale.  Halloween costumes and decors can be found anywhere and sometimes, I cannot help but recall those times when me and my kids used to attend tricks or treat.  It was really fun especially when we hunt for costumes days before the actual event.  Our company used to hold treats or tricks yearly and I always take the opportunity to buy discounted tickets for the employees. Oh my, how I missed those days. :)

I wonder if there's also a sale of musical instruments as my friend wanted to buy a guitar for her son as a birthday gift which happened to fall on October 31st.  He's been attending guitar lessons every weekend and my friend was really pleased with the outcome.  She told me that she need to get a better guitar for him this time.  I suggested her to just source it online as more often, online shops are giving big discounts especially that we are already on the last quarter of the year.  I told her that she can save on fulltone fat boost at guitar center.  Well, I hope that she could get it just in time for her son's birthday.  

Anyway, we will never attend any Halloween party this year as we have lots of things to attend to at home.  I guess, we would be having a movie marathon at home instead. (lol)


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