Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Gym and Family Time

Gyms of today have facilities that cater to the needs of all ages, therefore coming to gyms as families are a common thing. Families on the other hand are becoming aware of the need to bond each other in ways other than the usual things they do every day or cannot find time to do because of lack of space or time. Activities have to be part of the bonding process so as not to let time drag or simply slip away. Gyms are the better options because they are situated in cities or centers.   

Gym Facilities

The facilities can range from air conditioned rooms, conference centers, restaurants, and beauty parlor for men and women to sports facilities such as a swimming pool, a tennis court, a badminton court, a basketball court, and activity center.  Some gyms even have camp sites. The usual fitness facilities for toning muscles and explosive movements to reduce weight using special equipments with the aid of some trainers are provided too. Chiswick gyms offer state of the art facilities like the ones already mentioned.

Lessons and Trainings

There are schedules for lessons and trainings offered to users of the gym facilities.  Swimming is one of those with schedules already prepared as to days or as to categories like kids or adults for the Learn- to- Swim curriculum. Kids come together at a certain time and an assigned coach is there with them.  They are first taught how to breathe in and out of the water and how to swim the basic simple routines designed for them or an Introduction to Water Skills.  This part works to teach children how to become more confident and how to be independent in the water. This is a means of familiarity for children to feel more comfortable. Children can also learn about general water safety, to move back and forth in the water, and how to enter and exit a pool.  Basic Water Skills involves learning awareness in the water, how to handle surface dives, sculling, and water safety. This lesson also involves learning how to get into the water without any assistance, having great strength, flexibility, grace, artistry, endurance, and precise timing. Exceptional breath control is an added skill to learn in swimming.

Planning for Family Time

Just like any family outing, the planning phase has to be done weeks or months earlier in order to ensure attainment of the objective and that is family bonding.  In a fast pace era where people are rushing to meet deadlines, family time suffers.  Parents keep on complaining how busy they are and they can no longer find time to relax.  The children on the other hand are busy going out with friends because they can’t find their parents. They don’t communicate much to each other anymore and if they do this usually ends in disputes. Why not try planning gym activities together as a family? A different ambiance, activities, and fun add meaning to life. A whole new perspective can be expected.

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