Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Almost Done Packing

I'm about 70% completed in fixing and packing my things.  I still have 5 more days to go and I will finally set foot to my native land.  As expected, I won't be able to bring back all my things at home. I'm just traveling alone and I won't be able to manage carrying loads of things on the road. Imagine traveling all the way from Cambodia to Chantaburi to Bangkok Thailand? Well, it's really no joke to carry tons of things. I just hope that I won't have any problem along the way.

I've worked in Cambodia for 6 and a half years and from that span of time, I have acquired a lot of stuff. But since, I've already shifted from one company to another, I've already lost almost half of my things as I've given away most to some local staff from my previous work place. From that company, I went back home first to the Philippines to spend a 2 weeks vacation before I finally headed to my new job site. That's why I've decided to leave my things and just distribute to some local friends. 

I think, I'll be doing the same thing this time.  I will only bring my personal clothes and some shoes and all the rest will be left in my room.  I planned to donate my things to the housekeeping staff who will clean my room after I left.  At least, I know that I am able to help them in my own little way.  Actually, I won't also be bringing 100 per cent of my clothes and shoes as my baggage allowance is only limited to 40 kilos.  I've decided to leave all my office clothes, majority of which are coats and blazers.  I know that I've invested much on these but considering that I've already used these for years, I think I've earned enough and the money I spent for those were already recovered (lol).

Anyway, I still have few more days to go and I am hoping that I would finish all my obligations soon. :)

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