Sunday, September 29, 2013

Restoring the House

After the great flood, what do we expect but to face endless cleaning and re organization in the house.  Our house was devastated, not totally but most of the things got wet even some important documents.  I was not at home when it happened and I feel totally sorry for my kids and Mom who were left alone in the house but glad to say that all is well now.  Massive cleaning is needed to bring the house back to life.  Currently, they are just 60% completed.  I wish I am home to help them but I am not in control of my time right now.  Glad that they are all safe including our 3 cute dogs. Our two shih tzu pets, Marcus and Lucio got wet, too. Kids told me that they keep on barking while they were placed on an elevated area in the house and jumped into the flood a number of times.  Glad that they didn't get sick, as well.  I knew that they are feeling so cold during that time. Glad they survived together with the entire family.  All of them are okay now, none of them got sick.  Thanks God for that!

I wonder if Marcus and Lucio needs a dog heating pad.  It might help to keep them warm and comfortable. I hope to get one for them pretty soon.  

On a positive note, the progress of their clean up drive is pretty good.  All have contributed their time and effort to get things done quickly.  My unica hija will be back to school tomorrow and since everything in the house is not completely fixed yet, she might feel a little bit of discomfort but I'm sure that she'll get by.  Hope everything will be back to normal soon.

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  1. Good to know that your kiddos will be back to school na sis. Palaban din ang mga dogs at least they are all safe during the flood.


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