Friday, September 6, 2013

My Love and Hate Relationship with the Internet

I am sharing this post from a guest blogger, no other than my teen aged daughter Mika. Please allow her to share her personal thoughts through this post and thank you very much for reading.

I am one of the many young people in this generation who was gifted to receive all the benefits brought about by the advent of technology.  It’s just so amazing how internet allows us to do many things in a snap.  It’s really a great relief to get me connected to my parents working abroad in just a click of a mouse, how I can research my lessons online in a matter of minutes, how I can order my basic stuff without going out of the house and get to know the latest updates from my family and friends through social networking sites like Facebook.  Indeed, technology has brought us into great heights and I really feel blessed to experience all these comforts which were not probably enjoyed by people like our grand parents, and probably our parents during their school days.

But I would admit that there are times when I feel annoyed and displeased with what I can see and discover from the internet.  Though I acknowledge the fact that internet has a lot to offer, we still cannot get away with the facts that humans have a tendency to overdo things which in a way caused annoyance to other internet users.  Just like the other teenagers, I also have some internet pet peeves and I would gladly enumerate some in this simple article of mine.

So what makes me hate the internet?  Here are few of the “good things” which made shut down my computer in no time:

Those who update their status on Facebook 24/7.  I couldn’t imagine what other worthwhile things can a person do other than posting what she had for breakfast or whether she had just purchased a new headband.  The question is, do people really care?

Those who wish to sound cute by purposely writing in wrong grammar and spelling.  Are we going backwards?  Internet was invented to make the learning process easier for all of us and not to purposely get away with the rules of grammar and makes us sound like a battery operated doll.

Those who spam!  I really hate spammers.  People sending invites and “add me please” in your skype account who do not even know who you are in the first place.

Those who are non stop in posting “selfies” photos.  A photo or two would be fine but to post a photo of yourself in different angles with all those funny faces several times a day is such a nerve wrecking experience for a Facebook follower.

Lastly, when you are very eager to view a site where you intend to get some information for your research but can’t view the actual page as it is flooded with so many advertisements popping everywhere.

I just hope that people who overdo things on the internet will have to realize one day that internet was created for advancement, for an increased productivity and to make our lives easier in general.  Internet was created for us to explore and position ourselves ahead of time. We have to take this opportunity to  use the internet for worthwhile purposes, to widen our horizons and not to create things which would create annoyance to other people and users.

Let us learn from our mistakes and move forward!   

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