Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Repair Works At Home

I was contacted by my son as to my decision on the roof repair plans that they are thinking to pursue sometime next month.  We had some serious roof leak problems which we discovered during the recent typhoon in the Philippines.  I realized that it's really hard and costly to maintain your house with all these natural calamities happening in the country.  The cost of labor and materials are really getting high and with the series of typhoons arriving in the Philippines each year, there should really be an emergency fund to spend on house repairs and other unforeseen expenditures.  The cost of some basic materials like steel, cement, industrial ceramics and other construction supplies are really getting higher these days.  It pays to be prepared for the future. It's hard to tell what would happen next.

Anyway, I was not pleased with the quotation made by the first contractor so we should be looking for other alternatives.  I hope we could be able to find one that could really address our problem as we have the same thing repaired a couple of times already but to no avail. I am crossing finger that we could find a better one this time.  Hopefully.

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