Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Hobby

Are you fond of collecting souvenir items? I do! Got few pieces at home.  I am into scrap booking and I also collect cute figurines from my travels abroad. Apart from these things, I am also collecting different currencies and when I got enough, I plan to frame my collection.  I often heard that people who are sensitive and emotional are the ones who are much into collecting memento or memorabilia.  I don't know if it's really true, but I have started this hobby since my young age.  The sad part was that, I am not able to preserve much of my collections maybe because I've been moving here and there (lol).  Oh, and when I got my kids, I also started collecting their art works.  They used to give me some personalized greeting cards on every important occasion in the house and I just can't afford to throw these away as I know how much time and effort they have exerted just to come up with one.  I kept all these in a special box which I normally opens every time I feel nostalgic :).

Aside from what were mentioned above, another good subject for your collection if you have one is coins. I've known some friends who are into collecting coins. Sometimes souvenir coins are also being used as corporate give away.  I've seen some custom challenge coins at and these can be great for your collection or as corporate give away during company anniversaries or any other special events or promotions.  They also have some promotions screwed up from time to time for that great coin collection experience.  I might be back to their site soon to look for more exciting discounts. :)


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