Thursday, August 15, 2013

Characteristics of a Good Ergonomic Chair

You’ve probably heard the term “ergonomic” used often, especially in an office setting. But perhaps you aren’t quite sure what the term means. Basically, an ergonomic product is a product designed with the human body in mind. For example, an ergonomic chair, such as those designed by Sit4Life, is designed to keep the human body as comfortable as possible when using the chair. There are some basic characteristics of a good ergonomic chair.


A good chair will be easily adjustable. Usually there is a pneumatic lever that makes it possible to adjust the seat anywhere from sixteen to twenty-one inches above the floor. The most comfortable distance from the floor would allow the feet to be flat on the floor, with the thighs horizontal and the arms even with the desk height.

Width and Depth

A seat width that is considered comfortable for most people would be seventeen to twenty inches. The distance from the front of the seat to the back would need to be enough for the user to have his or her back against the backrest, while still having two to four inches between the knees and the chair’s seat. A good chair will also allow the tilt of the seat to be adjustable.

Lumbar Support

The lumbar, or lower back, should also be supported for maximum comfort. If the lumbar is not supported, the spine can become strained because of frequent slouching. A good chair will not only have lumbar support, but an adjustment for height and depth so that the inward curve of the lower back is properly supported.


The backrest should also support the natural curve of the spine and be twelve to nineteen inches wide. It should also be adjustable for height and angle and be able to lock in place.


The armrests of the chair should allow the forearms and elbows to stay comfortably rested with the shoulders relaxed. A swivel chair allows unnecessary strain from reaching by allowing the user to swivel to reach things near the desk.


Sit4Life and other ergonomic chairs also use padding and fabrics that will allow the user to remain comfortable. Breathable, soft fabric is the best option for seat coverings.

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