Monday, July 29, 2013

Binary Options - Another Way to Earn

Balancing the budget of the whole family is definitely difficult especially if you do have kids who always demand for particular stuff.  Thence, we cannot blame people especially housewives these days end up looking for solutions to their financial problems.

Eventually, through the help of technology it’s much easier for individuals to search for solutions in all their problems related to financials. Basically it is because of the high opportunities available online. It’s true and in fact, plenty of people are now enjoying the benefits online has to give to them.
Working as a freelancer is just one of the opportunities available in the cyber world. One can really earn from it. All you just have to do is to create an account in websites that offer wide selections of works available online like odesk and such.

In other hand, one can try investing into a business instead. Since not all of us have enough free time to work as a freelancer, perhaps investing to business industry would be a great idea to do like investing with Binary Options. It doesn’t require interested parties to invest a huge capital of investment to start. Moreover, earning here in instant is very easy. All you just have to do is to bid and guess correctly what could possibly an asset reaches its possible value at a given time frame. Indeed, Binary Options is another way one can really earn money at a very low cost.

Unlike other businesses available in local areas, online have greater opportunities to offer to individuals like you. With that, if you are striving on how to earn extra income, all you just have to do is to go online and plan everything before you start. 

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Creating A Happy Team In The Work Place

Create a Happier Team Happy, engaged employees are good for an organization. Research shows they are more creative, produce better results, and are willing to go the extra mile. What's more, happiness is contagious; it creates a virtuous cycle that leads to further engagement. To bring more of that into your team, focus on what psychologists have identified as the three pathways to happiness: pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Consider whether you are actively encouraging these things in your people. Do they enjoy their relationships and their environment at work? Do they laugh? Do they fill roles that fit their skill sets and offer appropriate challenges? Do they feel they're a part of something that matters? If the answer is no to any of these questions, brainstorm how you can adjust the team environment to bring more happiness in.
Source: Havard Business Review

Perhaps, you would agree with me that one of the hardest things to do in the work place is to create a happy environment.  This is specially true when staff members tend to compete with each other for career advancement.  Sometimes because of the competition and wanting to be noticed, members of the team failed to realize that they are already in fact, creating a hostile environment. It's hard to work when people look at each other as a competitor rather than a team member. This may result into aggressive behavior and becoming less sensitive of other people's feelings.

Creating a happy environment lies in the person who manages the team.  A manager should always emphasize on the importance of finding happiness in whatever we do.  When we are happy with our work, we take pride in doing it, we become more productive and in the end achieve positive results.

To find happiness in our work, it is important that we bring out people's potentials.  For a staff member to realize his or her own potential and allow him or her to put these into good use is in a way a means of encouraging them to strive harder and work to the best of their abilities.  This will eventually result into a happy environment as staff members were given a chance to realize their worth and in turn make them feel that they are an important part of the organization.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Stay Fresh in Everyone's Mind with Cheap Promotional Items

Cheap promotional items can greatly increase the brand recognition of your business. The process is extremely simple. Give away small items branded with your logo and business name. Imagine planning an event. Your team does a great job of getting people to come out for the event. Everything goes off without a hitch. Everyone there has a great time. Before all the people leave, they receive a small gift package. You could fill the package with tons of fun things. Wristbands are a popular fashion statement these days. Why not give away a few wristbands to everyone who comes to your event? That way they can either wear them or give them to people who will. Your brand name and logo will reach more people. This gives your business more credibility. Cheap promotional items are less costly than commercials and marginally less annoying to consumers.

Reward Your Loyal Clients with Fun Trinkets

These items are also a great way to show your existing clients that you care about them. If someone brings you a referral you can give them a special reward. A T-shirt that is only available to those who bring in referrals is a great way to promote and build your business. It seems like people will do anything for a free T-shirt or a free anything for that matter. Using these small trinkets to promote your business is only limited by your imagination. People love great looking stickers on their car windows. Why not have your logo pasted on the back of all your client’s vehicles? Everyone drinks water. Any client would appreciate a free water bottle printed with the logo of their favorite business.

Show Generosity to Your Clients and Establish a Brand

Take a look around you. Everything you see could be fashioned into an advertisement for your business. Cheap promotional items can be anything from pens, hats, phone cases, lanyards, wristbands, pins, stickers, notepads, and magnets. Everyday items can suddenly become promotional material for your business. You want people to recognize and trust your logo. Creating brand recognition can be a long process, but it will be worth the extra success for your business. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kitchen Tablet Holder

I just recently got myself a new tablet.  I love the fact that it's so handy and  that I could bring it anywhere I go so easily.  I also bought it to keep myself tune in with my online activities even on a road trip.  

I saw this DIY tablet holder that's specially designed for kitchen use and I just think that it is indeed a good idea to have one.  I think this would be of great use when we are in the kitchen and trying some new recipes for family snack or dinner.  Oh, how I loved technology, things can now be done so easily.  If we are only this advance many years ago, perhaps I could be a better me (lol). 

Kidding aside, I thought this one is worth doing. I'll definitely make one at home! :)

Friday, July 19, 2013

Organic Products

I've been sourcing lately for some organic products.  I suddenly came to this idea because of various products coming out in the market today which are purely organic.  Everything from hair and skin products to home cleaning and pest control products are now organic and people are more cautious of health and safety of the environment.  Well, it's about time. We should actively take part in the preservation of our environment and one of the first step is to go organic.  I've been hearing a lot about human nature products and these are such a hit among home makers.  There are also pest control products such as natural bug spray and the likes.  I think using products that are non toxic and chemical free will keep our home safe.  I just don't have any idea yet as to the pricing as I've heard that organic products are quite expensive as compared to the commercial ones, but of course in the end, we have to weigh between what would be best for our health and our family and for the environment and being economical.  In the long run, we might end up spending more too using unsafe products.      

Managing Your Anger

How many times in the past did you experience being in a situation where you cannot control the outburst of your emotions.  How many times did you experience dealing with difficult people in your work place?  I have gone through a lot of these situations and it's really sickening sometimes.  There are various kinds of people that you will meet in the course of a life time.  Though there are many nice people around, you cannot avoid meeting some who are a pain in the ass.  Someone who had chosen to be narrow minded and unrealistic.  People who were sleeping when God showered us with a gift of "understanding".  How do we manage our anger then?  I know that this is one of the most difficult things to do.  Patience is a virtue.  To be able to maintain your composure in the midst of a difficult situation where people react negatively towards you, treats you rudely and show disrespect is an achievement. What I have gained and learned through my years of experience working with different kinds of people is to manage my anger when confronted with a situation.  I used to react to people who used to be unreasonable.  I react indifferently and I show my anger in an instant.  But I've learned to manage my anger over the years.  I've realized that there's no point talking to people who don't know how to listen ad understand. The best thing to do is to avoid the person, let the anger subside and assess the situation more intelligently.  You'll be surprised that you will feel a lot better. :)

Be Financially Secured

To be secured financially is one of the best things to have. Not because money matters but instead, money is one of the factors that keep us alive. No such thing as for free these days. Most of the things we consume need to be bought first before we can have it except for the air we breathe though. Thus, it is not selfish to secure ourselves and our family financially. It’s about practicality, to be exact.

Majority of us works for a living. But ever thought of going beyond into that situation or position perhaps? Sure we all come up with that idea but most of us don’t have enough time to do an action with it. Thus, we end up doing the same routine each day.

No one had gotten rich just by working as a contractor. Maybe they can save something from their income but not all of them. In fact, the earnings of those common contractors are not even enough for their selves nor for their family’s needs. Thus, cutting off the thought of having a work is enough to live is the best step towards brighter side of our lives.

Starting up a new and successful life through investing a particular business is highly advised by many successful persons in the world. But above all those businesses available, forex is the best to invest for. Unlike others, this business can be invest both online and offline and at the same time can, one can this business for as low as $200. Indeed, a great start up especially for those who don’t have any capital to invest yet. Read more about forex at In the end, that depends on your choice still. There are other kinds of business to avail after all. What matters the most is that to start up securing your life and your family’s financially.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

How Lasik Eye Surgery Can Benefit You

Most people depend heavily on their eyesight. If you have ever tried to do even a simple task in a completely dark room, you probably understand how difficult it would be to not have your sight. It can also be difficult when you start to lose your sight and it becomes difficult to see or read as you once were able to. While glasses and contacts have been able to help improve vision, it can be difficult to always have to worry about having glasses or contacts. That is why many people choose to get LASIK eye surgery in order to correct the problem. Before deciding to get the surgery, it is important to know some of the advantages and possible side effects of the surgery.

 Benefits of LASIK Surgery

LASIK surgery stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, which reshapes the cornea of the eye in order to direct light to the proper place on the retina of the eye. LASIK is a very successful surgery. 90% of patients have their vision corrected to their desired degree after the procedure. It is also a relatively painless surgery with a quick recovery time and almost immediate results. Adjustments can also be made to the surgery further down the road to make eyesight even better. While some patients might still have to depend on glasses or contacts for some tasks, it generally cuts the dependency down by a wide margin and may even get rid of the need for contacts or glasses altogether.

Cautions and Side Effects

There are some cautions you should consider when thinking about LASIK surgery. The changes made to the cornea after LASIK and permanent and cannot be reversed. This means that if a mistake is made, it can affect your vision negatively for the rest of your life. Other rare side effects might include experiencing a glare, having dry eyes, finding it difficult to drive at night, and seeing halos surrounding images. Talk to your optometrist about whether or not LASIK eye surgery might benefit you and how to best prepare for the surgery if you desire it. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Remembering Mom!

Few days ago, I had the chance to have a short talk with my Mom through SKYPE.  She's taking medications for nearly a month now due to urinary tract infection (UTI).  Before I left home last 06 November, she was complaining to me about her abdomen feeling so heavy and her frequent trips to comfort room to urinate especially during night time.  Worry as I was, I did ask Edmar to bring her to the family doctor for consultation.  True enough, she really had UTI after having had the urinalysis.  Doctor prescribed her some antibiotics to be taken for around 10 days.  Unfortunately, the result of her follow up check was unfavorable.  The infection still remains.  Medicines didn't work out right.  So, the Doctor prescribed another set of antibiotics to be taken for another 10 days.  I'm a little bit worry because she wasn't cured on the first set of medications that's why I decided to check with her when I had the chat session with Miks.  She looks fine but you can see that she is full of worries.  Looking through her face at the webcam, I able to figure out that she's really getting older and I can read from her face...the worries, the sadness, and the self pity as any people her age would normally feel.  I took a deep breath as I tried to hide my tears as I listen to her melancholies muttered in between sobs.  She's complaining about my siblings not visiting her and told me that she's quite sure that she was already forgotten.  I tried to console her... telling her that maybe they are just too busy.  But deep inside, I can feel her sadness, her longing for love, her thirst for affection.  As I look through her wrinkled forehead, her gray hair and drooping eyes...I suddenly felt sad and cannot avoid but to remember those days when she's still strong and active.  Well... I would admit that ours is not a perfect mother-daughter relationship, as there were also a lot of qualms and squabbles in between. But the fact still remains... She is my mother and she did her best to make me a better me. 

Now...that she is already on the last stage of her life, I can peep through the window of her eyes how lonely it is to be old, weak and feeling unloved.

Before we ended our talk, I tried to comfort her and inspired her to move on and be stronger...if not for least for us...for me and my kids whom she loved so dearly.

I bid her goodbye with a promise in my heart .. that no matter what... I will try my best to make her happy and feel loved for the remaining years of her life.  It is through this point that I recalled a story that I received from a friend through email which I would like to share with you. 

" A Mother's letter to a Daughter"...

For all the mothers and daughters out there.... this is for you.....

pics from google images

To My Dearest Daughter,

My dearest daughter...the day that you see me old, I ask that you please have patience, and that above all, you try to understand my dearest daughter that if when I talk to you, I repeat the same things a thousand times, don't interrupt me.  Instead, just listen to me and remember a time when I would read to you the same story night after night until you fall asleep.  When I do not want to take shower, please don't scold me and please don't try to embarrass me.  When you see my ignorance of new technologies, give me the necessary time to learn and please don't roll your eyes or look at me with a mocking face.  Remember my dearest, I taught you how to do so many things.  The day you notice I became old my dearest daughter, please have patience and above all, please try to understand me.  If occasionally, I lose the memory or the thread of our conversation, let me have time to remember.  When my old legs won't let me walk as before, give me your hands the same way I did for you when you made your first steps.

And when someday...I tell you that I do not want to live anymore.... that I'm ready to die...please do not get upset or angry.  Because my dearest daughter, one day you will understand.... that at my age, we reach a point that we do not live anymore but just exist.  When this day comes, you must not feel sad.  I ask that you be with me as I journey through the end of my life.. with love and with deep understanding and appreciation of the life that we lived together.... I will thank you with a smile.

I love you my dearest daughter.

Your Mother

The Importance of Fruits and Vegetables

Mothers are well-known for telling their children to eat their fruits and vegetables. Most people know that fruits and vegetables are important for their health, but they do not really know why, and most people do not get the number of servings each day that they should. To know why you should eat Xango fruit and all of your veggies, you should know what is actually in these foods. There are actually a lot of vitamins and minerals in these foods that are vital to the health of any individual.

What Is Really in Fruits and Vegetables?

Many fruits, especially citrus, have Vitamin C. This vitamin is known to boost the absorption of iron, help make for healthy gums, prevent cell damage, boost immune systems, and help heal bruising faster. Though it is mostly fruits that have Vitamin C, some vegetables such as cabbage and asparagus are known for having it. Vitamin A is in many vegetables. It has many of the same benefits as Vitamin C, but it also keeps gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts healthy. B-vitamins such as B-6, B-12, and folic acid are also in these foods. They are great for both the central nervous system and the immune system. They also help keep a healthy heart. Many fruits and vegetables also have phytonutrients, which are known for preventing and fighting cancer. They also help balance insulin levels in the body and help with the immune system. Most of these foods are also a great source of fiber, which helps bring regularity in the digestive system. Fiber also slows the rate at which the body absorbs carbohydrates.

The Outcome

 Because of all these great nutrients in any Xango fruit or vegetable, the human body should get five to six servings a day. They help keep the body healthy overall and can keep people living longer. They are important for good growth in children. Because they are so healthy, they are also important in maintaining weight as well. Incorporate these foods into your diet if you do not already to be sure that you get all the fruits and vegetables that your body needs.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Help! I need a pram or pushchair but I don’t know where to begin...

With so many prams, pushchairs, strollers, buggies and travel systems on the market, it might all seem a bit daunting at first, but there are endless options to suit every budget. 

When choosing the right pram for you and your baby, there are lots of factors to take into account, so naturally it can be a bit confusing. 

Are you the sort of parents who'll be hopping on and off the bus or tube a lot, or doing most of your travelling by car, or do you plan to head to the countryside at the weekends and spend lots of time outdoors? Your pram or pushchair needs to suit your everyday lifestyle and accommodate both yours and your baby’s needs. 

Some parents will be thinking about storage space; where will be store it? Will it fold down to fit in the boot of our car, be easy to maneuver up and down our stairs; these are all things to consider before you make that important purchase. If you're lucky to have more than one child, there is the consideration of tandem and double pushchairs and if needed, triple pushchairs! 

Below are pram and pushchair different options and their features, to give you an idea of what may suit your family best.

Prams and Pushchairs

Newer prams and puschairs are suitable for newborn babies and often have a seat that can face either towards or away from you. Many of these pram models have handy features such as swivel wheels or enclosed carry cots, and fold up so that they can go in and out of the car boot, making life that little bit easier and ensuring your attention is with your baby. They are very versatile. Prams typically have a lie-flat position suitable for newborns, whilst pushchairs have a reclining, forward-facing seat more suitable for toddlers.

Prams and pushchair features may include:
  • Different lie-back positions
  • Bumper bars
  • Reversible seat units, allowing for both forward and rear facing options
  • Foldable & compact for easy transportation (may stand up unaided when folded)
  • fixed or lockable swivel wheels
  • Shopping tray or other additional storage space
  • Will stand up unaided when folded
  • 3 or 4 wheel options - depending on your needs
Double and Tandem Prams & Pushchairs

If you are lucky enough to have more than one child, double or tandem pushchairs could be a great and useful option. Tandem prams or pushchairs are where the children sit side by side and are suitable for children of similar age. Double pushchairs usually have one fully reclining seat suitable for newborns, whilst the other seat would be forward facing suitable for toddlers. 

Perhaps you would like more than one child but aren’t 100% sure at the moment, don’t worry, it is also possible to buy a tandem buggy with only one seat (if this is your first baby), with the option to buy the second seat if and when you have another child; perfect!

Tandem features may include:
  • Rear seat reclines fully flat for a newborn baby
  • Forward facing tandem seats with individual adjustment
  • Suitable for two children of different ages
Double features may include:
  • Side by side seats with individual adjustment
  • Sturdy design and stable to push
Complete Travel Systems

Complete travel systems, otherwise known as an infant carrier (care seat) and pram all in one. This way they can be used from birth with both the car seat attached to the pushchair base, or as a carrycot pram. If you'll be regularly switching your little one between car and pram, a travel system functionality will allow you to transport your baby from your home to your car, and to your pram without waking them from their sleep. Do be aware however it is advised that babies shouldn't be left in their infant carrier for more than 2 hours. Travel systems can be pricier than buying a pushchair or pram on its own, but at least you won't be buying a separate car seat.

Complete travel systems features may include:
  • A pushchair and infant carrier. The infant carrier detaches from the pushchair to be used in the car as well
  • Reversible seat unit; both forward and rear facing options
  • Frames with suspension or air tyres
  • Some travel systems also include a carry cot that transforms the pushchair into a pram with a lie flat position

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Hello July

Time flies so fast, we are now approaching the second half of the year 2013.  I can't believe that summer is officially over and that we are now suffering from all the discomforts that rainy season brings (lol).  It's also raining most of the time here in Cambodia but not as worse as compared to our country.  This is what I love about this country, they don't have any calamity.  I think God is indeed fair in every aspect of our lives.  Cambodia is not as good as it's neighboring countries in South East Asia in terms of economy, progress and development, but they are free from calamities and the life style is simple and basic.

I can't believe that I survived the hectic month of June.  So many things came up along the way.  Some are good, some are bad, but I survived!  I still couldn't say if my plans are moving to the right direction.  We could never tell, but we could always try, right?  Sometimes, I am being too futuristic.  I am not an advocate of "pwede na" and "bahala na".  I hate risks that's why I never learn how to gamble (lol).

Anyway, I hope that this month will bring me something special. I am always looking forward to something and that keeps me inspired in everything I do.  Sometimes, my stubborn mind would always disturb me and give me countless things to think but the stronger part of me always keeps me on the go come what may.

I hope this month will be promising for all of us. Crossing my fingers. :)

What to Look for in a Home Caregiver

If you have a loved one who needs constant care, then you likely understand the important role that an at-home caregiver plays in their lif...