Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Scrap Book

My son and daughter gave me a scrap book more than 2 months ago before I took my flight back to Cambodia.  This scrap book displays our happy moments together as a family.  The last pages of the scrap book also contains some messages that truly warms my heart.  I love it more than any store bought gift as I know that both my son and daughter took time out to prepare such a sweet souvenir of my vacation at home.  I used to make a scrap book before and even now.  In fact, I still have one left unfinished scrap book   which features some of our travels.  I hope to finish it soon.  I kept a lot of memento during our travels which I stick onto the pages of the scrap book to remind me of our good times together.  I did include some maps, photos, paper bills, movie tickets, brochures, calling cards and train tokens.  I wish to have included some platinum coins, too but I wasn't able to get some. (lol)

Making a scrap book is one way of releasing my boredom working away from home and this also enables me to collect happy memories while using my creativity coming up with cute and fun designs that I could proudly show to my family and friends.

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