Monday, June 10, 2013

Safety In The Work Place

For the past week, I have witnessed two incidents in my work place which I think had occurred  due to lack of safety standards. The first is when the electrical wiring short circuited due to absence of proper plug and wet floor. This caused a commotion in the area due to sudden flashes of lights and an extra ordinary sound.  It was just fortunate that nobody gets hurt.  

The second incident is about the newly renovated staff area where the sliding door in the mess hall collapsed due to substandard materials used and loose fittings.  How I wish the contractors who worked on the project had used some dowel pins to ensure safety and stability but again, I've seen how careless they are in doing the project.  This is one thing that I am worried about this country.  They lack some awareness on safety standards especially in the work place.  Again, it's a good thing that nobody was hurt or affected on the second incident.  How I wish that some measures will be taken to correct these mistakes and to ensure the safety of the employees.  After all, safety in the work place should be the primary concern of each and every company.  We should all strive to have a healthy and safety working environment.


  1. It is important that we are confident that we safe and secure in our work place. Otherwise our productivity will be affected if we always think that something wrong might happen. Business owners should seriously take the safety of their staffs and workers.

  2. I hope your contractor will be liable with this mishaps and take the neccesary corrections.

  3. hope the company did the repairs now


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