Friday, June 28, 2013

Music And Friends

Do you know what I missed most during those years that I was actively working in the Philippines? Music and Friends!  I've always enjoyed going out with friends and when we do, we usually go to our favorite hang out where we could watch some live bands.  Music is really addicting especially if songs are being rendered by good singers. Of course, what could make a song more exciting than being accompanied by a good band with all those gorgeous musical instruments.  I love acoustic songs, ballads and even the latest disco hits that could really make the most of your day. Watching performers on stage doing their usual antics is really relaxing and fun!  There was a time that one of my friends asked me to join their family to see a concert by the orchestra which I politely turned down. I know this is a kind of classical music that some people may enjoy but probably not me.  I've seen one before with one artist playing the flute and it was fine but I did not really enjoy the show in general.  It bores me somehow, but  that gemeinhardt flute at wwbw is certainly a favorite among music enthusiasts.  I wonder how much would it cost to own a set (lol). Kidding aside, this is definitely one of the activities that I truly missed.  Whenever I'm on vacation at the Philippines, I always take some time out to see a live band with the whole family but I just couldn't have enough because of limited time.  Oh well, I am looking forward to see one again soon. :)

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