Sunday, June 23, 2013

Indoor Activities

Haven't got the chance to go out lately as it is also raining very hard in Cambodia.  I could just imagine how it is now in the Philippines.  I've heard that it's raining non stop there as well. Anyway, speaking of rainy season, I've heard that some malls are offering "rainy days sale".  Out for grabs are some books, gadgets, and other stuff that could practically be used while staying at home during the rainy season.  I hope to see some cheap korg keyboards at guitar center on sale as well, as these normally come with a hefty price tags.  I just thought of this as my daughter loves to polish her skills in playing guitar.  But I think, it would also be nice to get some indoor table games such as scrabbles, monopoly, games of the general, snake ladder and other table games which can be used to keep kids and parents busy while inside the house during this season.  I guess, this will also be a good and cheaper alternative to bond with the whole family. 

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