Friday, June 14, 2013

3 Fantastic Ways To Track Your Teen

Let’s face it. We all know that teenagers aren’t always the most law-abiding citizens in our society. All of the hormonal changes, and adjustments to new friends as well as a new way of life every year cause us to mistrust our teens. And the thing that makes you doubt the trustworthiness of your teen is the fact that you have raised them and you know that there are plenty of times where they are up to no good. Teens are prone to danger and trouble so the question is this: how do we know what our teen is up to? Do you really know what they did last Saturday when they said they spent the night at a friend’s house? Are you sure that they were at the school doing “extra-curricular” activities after school? With today’s crafty and clever teens being able to know exactly what they are up to is far more challenging than ever. Thankfully there are great ways to keep tabs on your mischievous teen.

1. Learn about the people your teen is around

Do you know your teen’s friends? Do you know if they are liars or if they are truth telling good teens? What do your teen’s friends enjoy doing? Starting with the friends of your teen is a great way to know what your teen is doing. Someone once said look at your teen’s friends and you’ll be looking at the future of your teenager. In other words your teen will be influenced by who they are around a lot. So I encourage you to get to know your teen’s friends. Ask them what they enjoy and get a sense for what your teenager will be likely to do.

2. Get a great app

I don’t know if you choose to give your teenager a cell phone or not. But there are multiple reasons to give your teen a cell phone. They need it in case of an emergency. If they can’t call upon you then they will definitely need to call upon authorities if there is a situation that leads them to danger or vulnerability. One of the great parts of having a smart phone are the applications that come with the phone. As you prepare to hand your teen a smart phone be sure to get an app that can track that phone. There are some fantastic applications that allow you to track the whereabouts of the phone and as long as your teen does not know that you are tracking their phone then you will always know exactly where your teen is.

3. Watch them when you are not home

I’m very glad that I chose Smith Monitoring a Pearland home security provider, as my home security company for their numerous services that they offer their clients. One of these great services allows me to monitor the inside of my home through my mobile device even when I’m not there. So if my teen says they didn’t skip school and my security system shows me something different then I know they are liars and I have to keep a closer eye on them.

Author Bio: Ally is a writer, wife, youth mentor, and health nut. Follow her blogs for all the current trends on home, health, and family.


  1. Hay naku, buti na lang wala pang mga apps nung teenager pa ako! But seriously, iba talaga ang technology no? Somehow it gives us security.

  2. Great tips! However, I think before a parent starts the "stalking" part, an honest conversation is a must.

  3. Stalking just got easier hehehe. But the best way talaga is to build good foundation in kids, at least equip them with values that would be their compass when issues present themselves. With all the technologies, we still can't be there all the time, right?

  4. You are so right! I have a teen now, and I pray every day that he is being good. LOL. Thanks for the tip!

  5. I do not have teens for now and there is huge difference of raising them compared when they are just small. Technology can be helpful, but I still believe that raising them well and having them disciplined at a very young age will lessen worries when they grow up. I am praying to raise my children very well with the knowledge of God on how to make it. (it's hard!)

    MomMy Hanny

  6. I'm just wondering what will it be when my kids becomes teens already. At least these technologies can help a lot. great tips.


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