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Music And Friends

Do you know what I missed most during those years that I was actively working in the Philippines? Music and Friends!  I've always enjoyed going out with friends and when we do, we usually go to our favorite hang out where we could watch some live bands.  Music is really addicting especially if songs are being rendered by good singers. Of course, what could make a song more exciting than being accompanied by a good band with all those gorgeous musical instruments.  I love acoustic songs, ballads and even the latest disco hits that could really make the most of your day. Watching performers on stage doing their usual antics is really relaxing and fun!  There was a time that one of my friends asked me to join their family to see a concert by the orchestra which I politely turned down. I know this is a kind of classical music that some people may enjoy but probably not me.  I've seen one before with one artist playing the flute and it was fine but I did not really enjoy the show i…

Another Series to Watch

After months of following ABS CBN's "Ina, Kapatid, Anak", I'd been hooked to following "teleseryes" and it's something to look forward to daily. In a way, it helps me eliminate stress after a day's work and it helps me reconnect to my home land. It's not easy to speak a foreign language daily. Sometimes I do miss speaking in my native tongue.  But apart from that, some series that I've watched before apart from Ina, kapatid, Anak really contained moral lessons in life.  Sometimes, you can even relate to the characters in the story.  Now, that my favorite series has ended, I did try to pick up a new series to watch and I have chosen the one top billed by Sam Milby and Judy Ann.  I think this is a story of how women should fight for their rights and for their loved ones. This is a story of sacrifice, of love, hatred and triumph.  Hmm, this is another thing to look forward to every night.  At least, I have an outlet while working abroad, right?

Indoor Activities

Haven't got the chance to go out lately as it is also raining very hard in Cambodia.  I could just imagine how it is now in the Philippines.  I've heard that it's raining non stop there as well. Anyway, speaking of rainy season, I've heard that some malls are offering "rainy days sale".  Out for grabs are some books, gadgets, and other stuff that could practically be used while staying at home during the rainy season.  I hope to see some cheap korg keyboards at guitar center on sale as well, as these normally come with a hefty price tags.  I just thought of this as my daughter loves to polish her skills in playing guitar.  But I think, it would also be nice to get some indoor table games such as scrabbles, monopoly, games of the general, snake ladder and other table games which can be used to keep kids and parents busy while inside the house during this season.  I guess, this will also be a good and cheaper alternative to bond with the whole family. 

6 Ways To Childproof Your Home

Everybody thinks childproofing your home just means putting child latches on their kitchen cabinets.  While this is definitely part of the process, there are many dangers lurking in your home you might not know about.  Here are some ways I have childproofed our home over the years for my one and four years old boys.
1. Doorknob protectors. These are extra useful when your baby begins walking until they are potty training age. They should work until your child is at least four years old and coordinated enough to use a doorknob in spite of a protector. I have them on all of our bathroom doors and the door to the garage that does not have a deadbolt on it. Once my toddler got into the bathroom and had pool time in the potty without me knowing, I realized the importance of doorknob protectors.
2. Edge and corner guards. In the last couple of years, they have really improved the quality and durability of guards for the edges and corners of fireplaces and furniture. We put them around our bri…


I wonder if anyone had experienced transacting with Metrodeal.  I've been seeing a lot of great deals from my email subscription but I haven't really tried going into any of the offers posted there.  Some offers are really catchy as they offer really great values for your money.  I haven't tried though coz I am not certain as to how am I going to avail of those since I am not currently in the Philippines.  I would admit though that I almost got few as I find those to be "real bargains".  I wanted to get some promos for trips but I am thinking if it's for "real". :)  I also find that food treats and spa services posted there are really cheap.  I hope somebody out there who had already experienced transacting with Metrodeal will be kind enough to give us few lines in the comment section.    

How To Choose A Babysitter

Choosing a babysitter for any number or age of children can be a difficult task. Whether you are looking for a friend, local teen, or a person from an agency finding someone you can trust your children with is not easy.  There are many places to look for suitable babysitters. There are tons of people out there who can do the job of taking care of your children but as a parent it is your job to find the person who will do it the best. Here are a few tips to help aid you in your process of finding the perfect babysitter.
Pay Pay is a huge part of finding the right babysitter. Finding a babysitter that agrees and will work hard for what you are offering to pay is key. When approaching a potential babysitter make sure that pay is something you discuss at the very beginning. Falling in love with a babysitter and then not agreeing on the pay can be devastating. If you are going through an agency most of the time there is already a standard of pay that is required so this is an issue that does…

3 Fantastic Ways To Track Your Teen

Let’s face it. We all know that teenagers aren’t always the most law-abiding citizens in our society. All of the hormonal changes, and adjustments to new friends as well as a new way of life every year cause us to mistrust our teens. And the thing that makes you doubt the trustworthiness of your teen is the fact that you have raised them and you know that there are plenty of times where they are up to no good. Teens are prone to danger and trouble so the question is this: how do we know what our teen is up to? Do you really know what they did last Saturday when they said they spent the night at a friend’s house? Are you sure that they were at the school doing “extra-curricular” activities after school? With today’s crafty and clever teens being able to know exactly what they are up to is far more challenging than ever. Thankfully there are great ways to keep tabs on your mischievous teen.

1. Learn about the people your teen is around

Do you know your teen’s friends? Do you know if they …

Ina, Kapatid, Anak......The Finale!

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When it comes to Filpino teleseryes, I am a certified addict! (lol) You can call me "mababaw" or anything of that sort but watching one or two "teleseryes" of my choice really keeps me away from boredom especially that I am here staying in a foreign land.  But because of my super busy schedule, I am only limited to one "teleserye" per night. :)  Good enough for me.
Now that my favorite "teleserye", "Ina, Kapatid, Anak" is now on it's finale, I am now left with no choice but to pick a new one.  Well, I hope that the next "teleserye" which will be aired on Ina's current time slot will be equally nice and interesting, and of course with a good cast, too.
While I am writing this, I am yet to watch the final episode on replay.  Thanks to the internet, watching Filipino shows has never been this easy.  Anyway, I just resorted to writing this post as a breather for a series of posts that I am …

Essential Ingredient Promotes Skin Whitening

BV-OSC is a form of vitamin C, one that plays an important role in face whitening creams; it has special properties that work to inhibit melanin production while helping the skin produce collagen.  Studies behind the ingredient have shown that it may help provide more protection for skin cells than other vitamin compounds and it has been compared to ingredients like ascorbic acid and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate (other ingredients that are used in face whitening products).  BV-OSC (also known as tetrahexyldecy ascorbate) is a proven functional ingredient used to promote skin whitening; odorless, it is a highly concentrated liquid that provides antioxidants to the skin. Choosing the right product depends on several factors, including the formulation of the product with this ingredient in order to help lighten skin. 
Many face whitening products are formulated to treat age spots; these age spots are most commonly found on the face, but may appear on other areas of the body including arms…

Safety In The Work Place

For the past week, I have witnessed two incidents in my work place which I think had occurred  due to lack of safety standards. The first is when the electrical wiring short circuited due to absence of proper plug and wet floor. This caused a commotion in the area due to sudden flashes of lights and an extra ordinary sound.  It was just fortunate that nobody gets hurt.  
The second incident is about the newly renovated staff area where the sliding door in the mess hall collapsed due to substandard materials used and loose fittings.  How I wish the contractors who worked on the project had used some dowel pins to ensure safety and stability but again, I've seen how careless they are in doing the project.  This is one thing that I am worried about this country.  They lack some awareness on safety standards especially in the work place.  Again, it's a good thing that nobody was hurt or affected on the second incident.  How I wish that some measures will be taken to correct these m…

The Incredi Bulk Sale

Here’s the solution for those who want to buy a lot of books on a tight budget. With the launch of THE INCREDI-BULK SALE, OMF Lit Bookshop will offer customers the chance to take home five books for as low as Php 450.  Other bulk deals include 10 books for Php 700, 20 books for Php 1200 and 50 books for Php 2900. The books included in the bulk sale are all OMF Lit original and republished titles.

Isn't it a good steal for book lovers out there? I think the Php1,200 for 20 books isn't bad at all, that's only Php60 per book!  Also, take note!  This is not a fixed bundle, customers are free to choose whatever they want to include in their set of books.  That's awesome, isn't it?
So what are you waiting for?  Grab your copies now!

Scrap Book

My son and daughter gave me a scrap book more than 2 months ago before I took my flight back to Cambodia.  This scrap book displays our happy moments together as a family.  The last pages of the scrap book also contains some messages that truly warms my heart.  I love it more than any store bought gift as I know that both my son and daughter took time out to prepare such a sweet souvenir of my vacation at home.  I used to make a scrap book before and even now.  In fact, I still have one left unfinished scrap book   which features some of our travels.  I hope to finish it soon.  I kept a lot of memento during our travels which I stick onto the pages of the scrap book to remind me of our good times together.  I did include some maps, photos, paper bills, movie tickets, brochures, calling cards and train tokens.  I wish to have included some platinum coins, too but I wasn't able to get some. (lol)
Making a scrap book is one way of releasing my boredom working away from home and this a…