Monday, May 6, 2013

Why Permanent Makeup Correction is Needed

Permanent makeup and body enhancement procedures can bring a positive influence in the life of an individual. The major part of your personality depends on how good you feel about yourself which is completely dependent upon your looks. How people see you always determines what you think about yourself. Body enhancement techniques like color restoration of your skin and lips, and corrective tattoos, all help you achieve the body you desire without going for a major surgery.

You can achieve satisfaction with permanent body enhancement only when you go to a professional, preferably a doctor, for your needs. Most of the time people get stuck with bad or wrong color enhancement changes which bring them a certain amount of embarrassment rather than uplifting self-esteem. Therefore, to research well and choose the best professional for your requirement before going under the needle is very important. The only upside to this is that the color correction processes can restore the colors which have changed.

Reasons of Color Change Used in Permanent Makeup

There are various other reasons for a change in color other than bad color compounds used for the process and the inefficiency of the professional. Some of the common problems are:
  • Improper post procedure care: There is a list of things that needs to be taken care of after the color enhancement procedure is done. A failure to maintain one or more of the guidelines can have its consequences.
  • Drug use: Use of aspirin based medication or other potent drugs immediately before the process can affect the colors used.
  • Sun exposure: High exposure to UV rays, also in tanning booths just after the process can lead to color change.
  • Chemical exposure: Extensive exposure to chemicals like chemical cosmetic products, salt, ammonia in hair color and acids from food and wine.
Color Correction Process

Color enhancement professionals can become creative when it comes to makeup corrections. A combination of science and art can create entirely new and rewarding looks for the customers. Color correction is out-lined for a patient according to the skin complexion, tan, facial geometry and design. Every correction is unique in itself because the professional can not start from scratch but has to beautifully incorporate his/her art on an existing palate.

To hide bad color combinations, customized nude colors are used for blending. The main science governing the process is that the incorporated color interacts with the existing pigments and your skin’s circulatory system and gives a unique color every time. The correct judgment of the above phenomenon is a mark of a true professional. 

JudyLulu is a girl living in a lipstick jungle, who has been learning more about micropigmentation techniques.


  1. Interesting! I have friends who have permanent lipsticks and eyebrows. Does this makeup correction work on people who have vitiligo too? I know someone who has it and seems to be getting worse on his face.

  2. i know someone who have permanent eyebrows, i noticed that the color of her eyebrows is for me, I will not go for permanent make up but it doesn't mean i am against it, just that there are times that i want to go our wearing barely nothing on my face, just a powder and lipstick

  3. This is interesting! But I think I chose not to change anything on myself because I don't have money to do it. hehe


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