Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Choosing the Best Gift

The son of my ex staff who happens to be my god son would be celebrating his 11th birthday soon.  I am thinking of the best gift that I could send him but I was clueless as I don't have any idea of what he actually likes.  I've seen some drum kits online and I was thinking if it would suit him as I've heard from his Mom that he loves to play musical instruments.  In fact, he just recently joined a group of young boys who are undergoing guitar and drum lessons and this has been one of his summer activities apart from from swimming of course.   

The drum kit is quite expensive so I am thinking of whether I should buy that or just find a nice guitar (lol).  Anyway, I'm sure that whatever gift I come up with, he will surely be happy knowing that it comes especially from me.  Anyway, I still have a couple of weeks more to decide so as early as now, I'm scouting for some promo codes online.  If not, I might settle buying straight from a music store.

Hmmm...way to go!


Farida said...

More kids are gearing towards drums. OK na rin kahit maingay at least they're keeping busy :)

aby ♥ said...

it is good that your god son is into music.. :)

eLLa (r) said...

Ang sosyal ng ninang, drum kits lang naman..hehe

tet ^0^ said...

Cool! I would love to receive a drum set too!!! :)))

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