Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Different Kind of Fashion

Working in a corporate world for many years had enabled me to wear various kinds of clothing.  I was able to mix and match and choose what line of clothing best fits me.  I used to wear tailor made clothes for my office attire but my few bad experiences had led me to go for the ready made ones.  From there, I was able to choose the design and fit the clothes in an instant.  From there,  I could rightfully decide whether I have to buy it or not.  As I have already tried different kinds of suits and casual clothing, I was thinking if one day I would get the chance to wear a different line of fashion.  Something that's being worn on an extremely cold weather condition.  Would I get the chance to experience Ski Wear?  Probably not, as I do not have the inclination to visit countries like New Zealand, Australia or US.  But sometimes, looking at those fashionable ski jackets made me want to at least try (lol).Although some are very costly, most of the ski clothing I've seen comes with quality and durable materials.  I remembered what Sarah Geronimo had worn in her latest movie with John Lloyd, those ski jackets really fits her.  :)

Well, who knows, I might have the chance to visit New York or New Zealand in the future and wearing a different line of clothing would be a nice experience for me. 


  1. The closest thing I got to wearing a ski wear was when we had a costume party. :) hehehe!

  2. i didn't got the chance to wear one but i'm seeing a lot of Korean stars wearing that :)

  3. sometimes i imagine myself wearing different kinds of clothing too. :-)


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