Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Kid-Friendly Activities To Do Inside This Summer

Summertime is just around the corner! That means lots of pool time on the weekends and lots of downtime for your kids. While summer can be extra exciting for your kiddos, what with their lack of schoolwork in the mix, it can also get kind of boring. And when the heat starts to rise and it's too hot to even go outside to check the mail, you might be searching your brain trying to think of activities to do so your kids don't go out of their minds with boredom. Stop stressing! I have five kid friendly activities that you can do inside with your little ones when it gets to be way too hot outside this summer.

1. Coloring
I taught two-year olds right after I graduated college. Let me tell you something, kiddos love coloring. Like, they absolutely go bananas over it. And it's so funny because as an adult, I loved doing it with them! The great thing about coloring is there are tons of free printables online that you can find to let your kiddos color exactly what they want. From Finding Nemo to Cinderella, your kids will have a blast bringing black and white outlines to life during those hot summer days!

2. Build a fort
This one is my absolute favorite. You are never too old to build a fort! Grab those blankets and pillows to instantly turn your living room into a huge fort. Your kids will love that they can crawl around under the blankets and hey, who knows, they might even take a nap leaving you to have some peace and quiet to yourself.

3. Cook
I have a ton of little cousins and second cousins who are just the best little helpers. Whenever I'm bustling around in the kitchen, they make it a point to try to help me. I love the help because they are so good at it! If you don't mind your kitchen getting a little messy, make some cookies or treats with your little ones! They will adore the fact that they are a part of making a special treat. They will love it even more when they get to eat the finished product.

4. Crafts
There are so  many different crafts that you can do with your kiddos. Some are easy enough for toddlers and others are more advanced for your preteens. Whatever age you have living under your roof, you can find a really fun craft to do online that will pass those long summer days when you don't really want to even want to think about going outside into the heat.

5. Movies
Last but not least, don't forget about movies! Kids love movies and it's a perfect thing to do when it's way too hot to go outside to the pool. Lots of movie theaters offer matinee prices at a certain time for little kids. You can get the whole candy, popcorn, and drink package too! Check out your local theater to see if they offer this awesome deal throughout the summer!

About the author: Carly is a blogger for Smith Monitoring, provider of a Bellaire home security system as well as Houston home security systems. She misses teaching two-year olds. Mainly because she could eat gummy snacks without any judgmental looks.

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  1. With kids energy, you really need all the suggested activities you can get. Thanks for these.


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