Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Understanding Your Shih-Tzu

Lucio used to be an adorable, fun loving and a very sweet pet, however during my recent vacation at home, I've noticed that he has changed. Whenever we get near to him, he would sound like irritated and angry although this only happens on certain occasions. But he never used to be like that before, that's why I asked both my son and daughter about Lucio's sudden change of behavior.  My son Edmar told me that he noticed this change in Lucio after he brought in another baby shih-tzu in the house.  His friend in school gifted him with a baby shih-tzu which they named Marcus.  Since then, Lucio appeared to be irritable and at times avoiding being cuddled.  He only remains sweet to my son but not to me and my daughter.  Edmar told me that it might be that he gets jealous with Marcus as this baby is really cute and funny, thus he always catches the attention of every person in the house.

I hope Lucio would get back to normal, soon.  He's still looking as adorable and as cute as before but maybe he just needed more attention which he thought was taken away from him by Marcus. Shih-tzu's are really good companions at home and they are good watch dogs.  Lucio had proven it to us a number of times. :)

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