Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ladies Fashion

I was never a  "fashionista" even during my teen days, but I would say that I'm able to dress in style especially when I started to join the corporate world. I have a simple philosophy when it comes to fashion.  I just go for the ladies apparel which fits me and my personality, and those which I feel comfortable to wear.  Price is not an issue.  I believe that even you wear a very expensive signature dress, if it doesn't look good on you, it won't make sense.  We have heard this a number of times before, that a well dressed woman is the one who brings out the best in the clothes she wears and not vice-versa.  

Now, that I started operating my own online shop, I begin to be more aware about fashion and what's used to be trendy and appealing.  Fashion is really a girl's thing and it would be wise to invest on wardrobe that would surely stand out the moment you have it on.  Well, I guess there's a lot more to learn about fashion and I'm happy to note that my daughter in her teen years has already started to show a distinct fashion sense and I hope that she will remain fashionable especially when she gets to be a full grown lady. :)       

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