Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Choosing The Right Dentist

After 5 long years, my daughter's dental braces will soon be removed.  I remembered that we have decided to let her wear a dental brace after we have noticed her misaligned teeth.  Considering that she is a girl, and I guess even for boys too, having a misaligned teeth is a big NO.  I remembered that during that time, my biggest worry was that she might be a good subject for bullying in school and I don't want her to suffer the consequences.  Besides, I don't want her to grow up not looking and feeling good. For me, it is important that we have enough self confidence as this could greatly help us achieve our goals.  To be honest, I was having second thoughts that time as going for dental braces is a painful experience especially for young girls.  I have heard various complaints from previous patients that it's kind of hard for them to eat and they could experience a bit of discomfort having worn those dental braces.  Besides, it is also quite costly to have one.  But as a Mom, the welfare of my daughter is far more important than anything else.  She might suffer at first, but in the end, she will surely reap all the positive results.

It was quite a long process.  She had to go to her dentist every month for the monthly dental check up and also to check on the braces.  Her teeth was under the care of her dentist making sure that oral prophylaxis and required dental fillings were being done, as required.  Now, that the treatment is finally over, we are much pleased with the results.  It's worth the wait.  She is now having a good set of teeth, totally aligned and in perfect condition.  I'm happy that she arrived at that state.  I'm pretty sure that this will increase her self confidence especially now that she's blossoming into a one fine young lady.

But our experience may not be the same with others who had undergone the same predicament.  I think, this also depends on how credible your dentist is.  Some dentists may just do a rush job, not considering the satisfaction of the patient.  That is why, it is extremely important to choose the right dentist for you. Lots of professional dentists can be found elsewhere but only few have the credibility and have a genuine concern for their patients just like the Riverton Dentist.

I guess, should I haven't arrived with a decision to fix her dental problem, things may never be the same for my daughter.  The self confidence that she was able to gain having that good set of teeth had a positive effect in her performance in school.  Her self-confidence allowed her to join school competitions and engaged herself with extra-curricular activities that even increases her self worth.  Now, I would say that I made the right decision.  The process may be long and costly but the benefits that my daughter gained from that decision is indeed priceless. :)

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