Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Summer Worth Remembering!

Last year, I didn't have the opportunity to spend summer in the Philippines as I have just moved on to a new company.  I was asked to report to work mid of March, thus I've only stayed for two weeks in the Philippines.  Needless to say, everything was a rush.  I need to prepare a lot of things that time as I am clueless on what's waiting for me on my new job.  I wasn't able to bring out my kids for swimming or outing. So, I vowed that I would try to make up this summer and so I did!

I've stayed at home almost a month and it was a well spent time with the family.  I think majority of our activities involved eating (hehe). Obvious ba? We are a family who loves to eat. :)

sample pa lang yan :)

breakfast pa lang, sulit na....

feasting on chocolates....

Spending summer in the Philippines is really fun.  Of course mawawala ba sa listahan ang swimming?

Picnic and outing of course, will always be a part of the list. :)

Relaxing outdoors!

These are on top of visiting malls, having a relaxing massage at the spa, going to my favorite salon, watching movies and playing with our pets Lucio and Marcus. :)

With all these fun filled activities, how can I forget this summer?  But now that my summer vacation is over..... what more can I say but.....

Looking forward to my next summer vacation!  Xoxo


  1. It was indeed a super fun summer with the family sis. At least talagang bumawi ka ng bongga at mas masaya dahin nandyan din si hubby mo.

    Kumpleto ang pamilya,kumpleto ang saya. I'm happy for you sis.

  2. yay :) super fun and memorable talaga ang summer dito sa pinas Sis :) sabi nga nila nothing beats Pinas especially pag kasama ang pamilya...

    >> cheers! tayo pag dating sa eating and swmimming!!

    >> Tuesday hopping :)

  3. The 1st and 2nd photos remind me of the food in Seafood Island - boodle ata... it looks very good and appetizing! Bonding with family is certainly the best activity to distress.

  4. Indeed it's more fun in the Philippines. Sarap naman buti ka pa nakapagswimming na. Kami hindi pa but I hope we can join our company outing na namove na naman. I thought it will be on Saturday then naging 11 then final na daw 18.


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