Monday, April 29, 2013

Should I Quit?

Wheww....I feel so guilty for not being able to update this blog.  I used to update this regularly but I was in deep thoughts for a couple of weeks now and probably the reason why I tend to lax on things.  You might be interested to know what had been going through my mind lately and yes, it is a thing that requires a careful consideration.  At first, I'm not feeling comfortable sharing what had been in my thoughts lately but I've finally decided to share it though, hoping that I could found someone who can relate to my situation and give me some personal thoughts and advise.

I am thinking of quitting my job this year.  I am being paid well, that's a fact.  But lately, I suddenly thought that I am missing a lot of things in life because of working abroad. Seeing my family everyday is one obvious reason of course, but apart from that, I'm yearning to live a normal life where I could do the usual things that a normal woman and Mom could do.  It may sound intriguing I know, but believe me...I'm missing those little stuff that I can't do at the moment.  I'm working on shifts and this has been going on for years.  I don't have a normal sleeping pattern for years now. But that I got accustomed to over the years, not much of a concern.

Whenever I read the blogs of my co bloggers and friends, I can't help but wish that I could do the same things as what they've been doing.  Simple stuff like learning and mastering the art of baking, preparing surprise meals for the kids, movie marathon with them, attending Sunday mass, tendering my home garden, attending mall activities and seeing our cute shih-tzu pets with their usual tricks are only some of the simple things that I'd been missing a lot.  I also love doing crafts and my son inherited that from me.  How I wish we could do it together more often....

There's no doubt that my continuous years of working in the Philippines and abroad had contributed a lot to the family financially, but more than that, it helps me realize my self worth and enabled me to experience self fulfillment having had the privilege to work for a living, live a comfortable life and further my career.  It was indeed a blessing and I will continually thank God for that!

But I have reached the point where I suddenly felt the longing to do the things which I enjoyed most. That what I'm doing now suddenly becomes a routine and I just woke up one day not having the zest for work. I suddenly thought that I should probably start doing things that will make me happy.  For now, my hands are really full.  I'm juggling with my full time job, blogging, looking after my small business and reaching out to my kids.  Do I really need to do this? Well, probably not!  

I'm now thinking of preparing for my grand exit from the rat race.  It's quite a difficult decision though, as it is a good paying job with good set of benefits that others may not be getting from where they are working.  But I have to make a choice.  My husband and kids had shown their support and are happy with my decision but they told me that in the end, it's my choice and I have to choose what would make me happy as this is more of their concern.  If I would enumerate the pros and cons, this would probably be a very long post and you might get bored reading it further.  Nothing is final though but for now, I'm more to following my heart desires.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Grilling Vegetables.....A Healthy Option?

I am now contemplating whether to continue buying meats from a local market here near our apartment.  I  am just thinking about issues on sanitation. As we are living on a village a bit far from the city, we don't have any options but to get our food supplies from a local market nearby.  There is no problem buying fruits and vegetables of course, but I am just a bit worry about the meats.  Because of this, I am thinking of becoming a vegetarian. :) least when I'm here. (lol)  I know it's hard to get away with meats but I just thought of having meat servings only after I do my grocery shopping where I could buy fresh meats.  So that I would be eating meats for just about a week after my grocery shopping.  Then after that, I'll go back to consuming vegetables and fruits only.  It might be a sound idea but I'm not so sure if it's workable.

Source: via Krizza on Pinterest

I've read recently that grilling vegetables is a healthy option of cooking vegetables for your meals.  Aside from the fact that it can diversify your menu, this could retain the flavor of the veggies, as well as their vital nutrients. It's always best to eat vegetables closed to their natural flavors and that's what grilling your vegetables can lead you to.  We can choose to marinate our veggies too, if we want to add more flavorful taste.  Grilling time would normally be about 4 to 5 minutes and can be done using a gas or charcoal grill.  Your choice!

Corn, potatoes, carrots, eggplants, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms are all good for grilling and incorporating this into our daily diet would keep us fit and more energetic, not to mention that it would be a lot cheaper, too.

Knowing these benefits,  I might consider doing what I've planned....After all, I want a healthier me!      

Monday, April 15, 2013

Printing Needs

We are looking for affordable printing services for our online shop. We would like everything to be personalized, so I think that we need to source for affordable printing materials and services for our requirements.  I've seen some good and affordable materials in Bangkok but I am thinking of contacting a local printing shop in our place for the printing jobs.  I know that there are lots of printing shops out there offering this kind of service but I have to look for a reliable one like

I love the idea that each member of the family is putting it's best effort for the success of the business that's why we get more excited to improve our services to best serve our new customers.  We're looking for printing services for our souvenir items and give aways and for the packaging materials needed for our ladies apparel.  I wish I could find one soon. 

We have to get things going! :)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Summer Worth Remembering!

Last year, I didn't have the opportunity to spend summer in the Philippines as I have just moved on to a new company.  I was asked to report to work mid of March, thus I've only stayed for two weeks in the Philippines.  Needless to say, everything was a rush.  I need to prepare a lot of things that time as I am clueless on what's waiting for me on my new job.  I wasn't able to bring out my kids for swimming or outing. So, I vowed that I would try to make up this summer and so I did!

I've stayed at home almost a month and it was a well spent time with the family.  I think majority of our activities involved eating (hehe). Obvious ba? We are a family who loves to eat. :)

sample pa lang yan :)

breakfast pa lang, sulit na....

feasting on chocolates....

Spending summer in the Philippines is really fun.  Of course mawawala ba sa listahan ang swimming?

Picnic and outing of course, will always be a part of the list. :)

Relaxing outdoors!

These are on top of visiting malls, having a relaxing massage at the spa, going to my favorite salon, watching movies and playing with our pets Lucio and Marcus. :)

With all these fun filled activities, how can I forget this summer?  But now that my summer vacation is over..... what more can I say but.....

Looking forward to my next summer vacation!  Xoxo

Ladies Fashion

I was never a  "fashionista" even during my teen days, but I would say that I'm able to dress in style especially when I started to join the corporate world. I have a simple philosophy when it comes to fashion.  I just go for the ladies apparel which fits me and my personality, and those which I feel comfortable to wear.  Price is not an issue.  I believe that even you wear a very expensive signature dress, if it doesn't look good on you, it won't make sense.  We have heard this a number of times before, that a well dressed woman is the one who brings out the best in the clothes she wears and not vice-versa.  

Now, that I started operating my own online shop, I begin to be more aware about fashion and what's used to be trendy and appealing.  Fashion is really a girl's thing and it would be wise to invest on wardrobe that would surely stand out the moment you have it on.  Well, I guess there's a lot more to learn about fashion and I'm happy to note that my daughter in her teen years has already started to show a distinct fashion sense and I hope that she will remain fashionable especially when she gets to be a full grown lady. :)       

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Understanding Your Shih-Tzu

Lucio used to be an adorable, fun loving and a very sweet pet, however during my recent vacation at home, I've noticed that he has changed. Whenever we get near to him, he would sound like irritated and angry although this only happens on certain occasions. But he never used to be like that before, that's why I asked both my son and daughter about Lucio's sudden change of behavior.  My son Edmar told me that he noticed this change in Lucio after he brought in another baby shih-tzu in the house.  His friend in school gifted him with a baby shih-tzu which they named Marcus.  Since then, Lucio appeared to be irritable and at times avoiding being cuddled.  He only remains sweet to my son but not to me and my daughter.  Edmar told me that it might be that he gets jealous with Marcus as this baby is really cute and funny, thus he always catches the attention of every person in the house.

I hope Lucio would get back to normal, soon.  He's still looking as adorable and as cute as before but maybe he just needed more attention which he thought was taken away from him by Marcus. Shih-tzu's are really good companions at home and they are good watch dogs.  Lucio had proven it to us a number of times. :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Choosing The Right Dentist

After 5 long years, my daughter's dental braces will soon be removed.  I remembered that we have decided to let her wear a dental brace after we have noticed her misaligned teeth.  Considering that she is a girl, and I guess even for boys too, having a misaligned teeth is a big NO.  I remembered that during that time, my biggest worry was that she might be a good subject for bullying in school and I don't want her to suffer the consequences.  Besides, I don't want her to grow up not looking and feeling good. For me, it is important that we have enough self confidence as this could greatly help us achieve our goals.  To be honest, I was having second thoughts that time as going for dental braces is a painful experience especially for young girls.  I have heard various complaints from previous patients that it's kind of hard for them to eat and they could experience a bit of discomfort having worn those dental braces.  Besides, it is also quite costly to have one.  But as a Mom, the welfare of my daughter is far more important than anything else.  She might suffer at first, but in the end, she will surely reap all the positive results.

It was quite a long process.  She had to go to her dentist every month for the monthly dental check up and also to check on the braces.  Her teeth was under the care of her dentist making sure that oral prophylaxis and required dental fillings were being done, as required.  Now, that the treatment is finally over, we are much pleased with the results.  It's worth the wait.  She is now having a good set of teeth, totally aligned and in perfect condition.  I'm happy that she arrived at that state.  I'm pretty sure that this will increase her self confidence especially now that she's blossoming into a one fine young lady.

But our experience may not be the same with others who had undergone the same predicament.  I think, this also depends on how credible your dentist is.  Some dentists may just do a rush job, not considering the satisfaction of the patient.  That is why, it is extremely important to choose the right dentist for you. Lots of professional dentists can be found elsewhere but only few have the credibility and have a genuine concern for their patients just like the Riverton Dentist.

I guess, should I haven't arrived with a decision to fix her dental problem, things may never be the same for my daughter.  The self confidence that she was able to gain having that good set of teeth had a positive effect in her performance in school.  Her self-confidence allowed her to join school competitions and engaged herself with extra-curricular activities that even increases her self worth.  Now, I would say that I made the right decision.  The process may be long and costly but the benefits that my daughter gained from that decision is indeed priceless. :)

This is a sponsored post but the views and opinions presented here are my own.


Vacation Is Finally Over

I am writing this post feeling a bit sad, now that my vacation is finally over.  I filed for 26 days of home leave and it seemed that everything happened very fast.  Before I knew it, my vacation is finally over!

Now, I am busy preparing my things as I need to go back to my workplace in two days time.  We send off hubby this morning at the airport for his 12:00 noon flight to Singapore.  From there, he would be taking another flight back to his job site by tomorrow.  Even my kids are not really showing it, I could feel that they are a bit sad as we all really had a great time together.  But as the saying goes, "some good things never last".  

Anyway, we have to get back to work! That's it!  The only consolation that we had was that we had lots of good memories together and we had accomplished a lot of little projects at home.

But one thing is for sure, this is definitely one of our best summer ever! :)   


Why Use Cloud VPS Hosting?

When you are running a website, it is but important to get a reliable hosting company which can provide you various services apart from just hosting your site.  Since more and more people are lured to operating their own sites whether it be personal blogs or online businesses, more and more companies offering hosting services also emerged like mushrooms.  In a way, this can benefit more web masters as there will be more options available and each can choose the best one that could well serve their needs.

Now the challenge lies in choosing whether you will go for a dedicated server or consider using Cloud VPS Hosting.  Before you decide, you have to weigh the pros and cons of both.  For Cloud VPS Hosting, you just use the resources you need.  There will be no downtime, as there is no need to shut down the server whenever there is a need to adjust your resources. With cloud hosting, there is a flexibility of using resources of multiple machines, so if one machine is down, you will have no worries as your website will still be up and running.

These are some of the features that you cannot enjoy using a dedicated server.  Apart from higher hosting fees, if there is a problem with the memory or HD, server needs to be shut down and your website will need to be offline for 30 minutes to an hour.  So, I guess for those who are just starting up, going for VPS Cloud Hosting would prove to be more applicable.  You don't have to pay more and you can use your resources more easily and can be scaled down depending on your needs.  Since services are billed either daily or monthly depending on your usage, this allows the user to have a flexibility to manage their cloud server.

Because of this, cloud hosting is becoming more and more popular and more web masters are switching to it.  While some still preferred the traditional web hosting due to some good features, there is no doubt that cloud hosting has already gained it's popularity especially to those who are first time users.

This is a sponsored post, however all the opinions and views presented here are my own.

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