Sunday, March 3, 2013

Musical Instruments And Accessories

I have to admit it, I have a very little knowledge when it comes to musical instruments and accessories.  For one, I don't have any inclination to music. Well, I love to listen to good music and love watching live bands, too.  But since, I never know how to play any musical instrument and I am not gifted with a beautiful singing voice, thus my interest in music also vanished.  That's why I was happy upon learning that my daughter loves to play guitar.  There are lots of sophisticated musical instruments and accessories in the market but I don;t have any idea how to use them.  I once dreamed of being able to play a guitar but it never materializes until I get old.  One of my friends told me once that her husband wants to buy jamhub and I was clueless after hearing that (lol). 

But on the side note, if you really love music, it also pays to be well versed with everything about music including various instruments and accessories.  But maybe I will left that part to my daughter.  I hope that she will continue her passion in playing guitars and other musical instruments.  At least, we have one person in the family who could achieve what I once want to achieve.


  1. my brother and dad plays guitar, i and my mom naman are the one that can sing haha

  2. i miss playing the guitar.. i started playing when i was 18 all by myself.. then i became busy and my guitar was left in my room's corner.. :(


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