Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Music Room

I wonder what it would be if we have a music room in the house.  Would it be fun? Well...definitely! That is if everyone in the family enjoys music a lot.  But in our case, it is not, so I better opt for an entertainment room instead.  I just couldn't afford to have all those electric guitars, keyboards, drum set and other music stuff.  Well, it would be nice if you can have it for rent in case you have one.  I've seen a live band studio not so far away from our house and I've been seeing a lot of high school students going there and have their live band rehearsals.  Most of the schools now are putting up their live band group and it's a good venue for those students who got an inclination for music. Since that is the trend now, I think if you have the spare space at home, you can very well convert it to a music studio.  That would be a nice way to convert an idle space into something useful and profitable.  You'll get to involve your kids, too.  Who knows, they might be having some hidden talents in music and this is a good opportunity to encourage them to show off their hidden skills.  I think it would be good to start it this summer.  

What do you think?

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