Thursday, March 28, 2013

Making The Most Of Our Little Time Together

We are a family of four and although we do not have the luxury of time to be together all days of the year, we are still able to maintain the bond and friendship among each member of the family.  Hubby and I are both OFW's and we do not have the chance to be at home with the kids every single day.  Just like any other parent OFW, the reason is obvious, we are tied up with our respective jobs and we're doing it for our family's future.  Being in this kind of situation is not really easy.  It entails a big sacrifice on our part and of course, on the part of our kids.  My husband became an OFW earlier than I am, when the kids are still small.  I was a bit fortunate that I was able to spend most of years when both of my kids are very young and needed my support and guidance during their primary schooling.  I was a "hands on Mom" then.  Sometimes, I used to call myself a stage mother.  I was literally present on all school activities of both my kids and always the one who go up with them on stage to receive their medals and certificates during school recognition and was there to witness their victories during school competitions.  My husband is not that lucky as compared to me.  His scheduled vacation never falls on the month where the kids have to walk up the stage to receive their medals and certificates nor he was there to watch them sing and dance on stage.   Maybe, he was not that worry at all, because he knew for a fact that I will be always there for the kids.  

When I decided to become an OFW myself after our company in the Philippines closed down it's operations during the first quarter of  2007, things had changed.  I can no longer attend on all school's activities. I cannot be there physically to witness all the events, but my heart is always with them every time they perform on stage.  My prayers are always with them every time they have their exams, competing during school activities or simply leaving home for their scheduled retreats and seminars.

I was happy that my kids both grew up well.  No traces of bad habits and poor school grades.  They grew up having with them good values that were imparted to them since they were small.  In fact they were both achievers in school.  They are very loving not only to us but especially to my old aged Mom who they are really taking good care of.  They treat others with respect and were both extra nice to the house helper. Needless to say, they grew up with good sense of values and this makes me really happy and successful being a Mom.

Now that we are all here at home together this summer vacation, we are making the most of the little time we have to be together.  We dine together, watch movies,  play, shop, swim, cook and chat.  I believe that what is important is the quality of the time we spent together.

This is going to be one of the best summers we had as a family.  :)


  1. Love the pictures! ♥

    At least naman po once in a while every year you guys can bond. There are families who has an OFW member(s) that can't do the same that you guys can!

    Everyone looks so happy! ♥

  2. Hello Teh Krizz! I am very happy to see you have been enjoying your vacay with your family. And this time kasama na si Darling hubby mo, hihi!

    You're blessed to have very well trained grown-up kids. I bet you're a proud Momma on how well you have raised them. All the credit goes out to you :-)

  3. Sabi nga sis it's not the quantity but the quality of time spent with each other is what really matters. You are indeed successful in raising your kids and imparting them the necessary values.

    Have fun with your family. I am as well happy to see the four of you enjoying each others company despite time constraints.


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