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Making The Most Of Our Little Time Together

We are a family of four and although we do not have the luxury of time to be together all days of the year, we are still able to maintain the bond and friendship among each member of the family.  Hubby and I are both OFW's and we do not have the chance to be at home with the kids every single day.  Just like any other parent OFW, the reason is obvious, we are tied up with our respective jobs and we're doing it for our family's future.  Being in this kind of situation is not really easy.  It entails a big sacrifice on our part and of course, on the part of our kids.  My husband became an OFW earlier than I am, when the kids are still small.  I was a bit fortunate that I was able to spend most of years when both of my kids are very young and needed my support and guidance during their primary schooling.  I was a "hands on Mom" then.  Sometimes, I used to call myself a stage mother.  I was literally present on all school activities of both my kids and always the one…

Grow Your Business Through Search Engine Marketing

Do you have an online business? What forms of marketing tools are you using to boost up your sales?  
Running an online business has now been a household name.  As a matter of fact, majority of the people patronizing products online belong to the home makers group.  This is so because they are the ones who are always occupied with the so many tasks at home being a mother and a wife.  They are lured to online shopping simply because it is the most convenient way to shop.  Not only they can stay at the comfort of their own homes and combined shopping with other tasks at home but also because, most of the products being sold online are cheaper and comes with a variety of options and designs to choose from.  No wonder why more and more people are getting interested putting up their online shops.  But the next big question would be, "how would we be able to boost our sales online?"
Just like any other ordinary home maker, I am not an exemption.  I am one of the majority who is much…

Backyard BBQ Party

We just had our successful backyard BBQ party yesterday and though it kept us busy for a couple of days doing all the preparations, I would say that it turned out really well.  Our guests, around 80% of which are teenagers really had fun.  They had some games and dances and majority had enjoyed singing through our rented videoke machine. The foods we prepared were just nice for about 50 guests that we had.  We had a variety of dishes, mostly consisting of grilled foods like squids, pork BBQ, hotdogs, clams and fish.
Here are the pics of some of the foods that we had during the party:

Due to our busyness during the day preparing the party venue and everything, we forgot to take some photos of other dishes that we've prepared.  Fried kangkong breaded with eggs and corn starch was a hit as well as the pork BBQ, grilled chicken, grilled clams with cheese and butter and for the dessert, I think everybody loves the assorted fruits and buko pandan as everything was finished (lol).  But we …

Bonding Time

We had a great time at home singing and dancing.  It's one of the best bonding time I had with the family.  For someone like me who rarely stays at home, finding a good time to bond with my family is a must.  We are not a family of singers (lol) but we can sing and dance for fun.  My daughter is an exception though as she sings well and can play guitar, too.  It would be nice to buy Godin Guitars to complement such weekend  activity at home but I think most of the family members would prefer to sing through a videoke.  This is one of the summer activities we had that's truly memorable.  We really had loads of fun.  we were joined by our our ever loyal house helper Ate Elsa, who to my surprise can sing well too.  This is one of the many reasons why I love summer. 
What's yours?

Meet Marcus

Hello...I'm Marcus! :)
When I reached home last Tuesday night, I was surprised to see that our baby shih-tzu, Lucio already had a playmate.  According to my daughter, his name is Marcus, our second shih-tzu pet.  Marcus was a gift from my son's classmate.  Lucky Edmar, as Marcus is a pure breed shih-tzu which would cost him about 8K should he bought it from a pet shop.  Anyway, at first I do not welcome the idea of having another puppy in the house.  Taking care of a shih-tzu pup is not that easy as we used to treat our Lucio almost same as human.  He got his own set of toiletries, hair blower, towels, clothes, etc.  We used to send him to a pet grooming shop, too.  In fact, he just had his birthday last February 26 and we had thrown a small party for him.  But since, Marcus was already home when I arrived ( in fact he's been in the house for almost a week already before I arrived) I do not want my son to feel sad and hurt should I asked him to return Marcus to his friend. …

Summer Activities

It's summer time and I am just so excited about it.  I know that for some, summer is not really something that they look forward to.  It's because the warm temperature caused them to feel uneasy.  But I always love summer since my childhood.  For me, it is during summer time that so many exciting activities happen.  Going to beaches, outing, picnic, going to malls and watching movies are only few of the things that I loved most about summer.
I actually wanted to go out of town every summer but  just don't know if it would be possible this time as I have tons of things to do at home.  It would be nice if we could spend some time  at the beach.   Perhaps, a visit to a relaxing place like real estate oak island nc would also be ideal, where lots of exciting activities awaits you.  Swimming, boating, fishing and jet skiing are only some of the fun filled activities that you can look forward to.  
For me, summer is still the best time of the year as my kids are free from school a…

Benefits of Using Leap Chair In The Office

I've been working in an office for so many years now and for office workers like us, the most common health problem in the work place is back pains. Being seated for more than eight hours a day facing a computer screen is no joke. It can lead to a bad posture, eye strain and head ache.  When we remain seated for hours on a daily basis, our body begin to adapt to a sedentary life style, we get used to it and because of this our body system begins to slow down.  
Years ago, I was suffering from lower back pains.  When we remain seated for hours, the weight of our body gets concentrated in our lower back and this causes tension in our muscles.  I had undergone therapy for quite sometime until my condition gets better.  Now I'm totally free from back pains, but I can't totally avoid long seating as it is what my job requires.  Good thing that there is a leap chair now to solve this problem.  Investing in a good ergonomic office product can help us keep our bodies in good shape.…

Count Down

Woootttt!!! I have few more days to go before my flight back to the Philippines.  It's such a relief knowing that I will be home soon.  :)
The next few days will really be the busiest days for me. I have my hands full these past few days and it's really tough to live by with all my commitments. I haven't booked my overnight stay in Bangkok yet.  I almost overlooked on that. I'd been very busy organizing our department party the past few days and it's going to be tonight. After this, I have to start preparing for my trip back home. I have tons of clothes waiting to be ironed (lol).  I haven't start packing my things, too.
I hope 3 days would be enough to do everything as I'm really cramming now.  But I'm happy that I can have a good rest soon.
I'm looking forward for a time well spent in the Philippines. :)

Why Men Need A Good Hair Shaving Brush

For most men, shaving is a part of their routine.  They shave every morning before going to work and this has already been a part of their grooming. Although some can live without shaving, still majority of men believe that they will be more presentable at work with a clean shaven face.  Some men used many tools in shaving their faces and they do it for various reasons but mostly, they use it to get better results.  There are lots of shaving products available in the market now from badger hair shaving brush to shaving creams and  pre-shave oils to a variety of razors.  All of these contribute to their best shaving experience.  
Let's take the badger hair shaving brush for example.  Due to it's water absorbency, this brush is able to retain moisture, thereby helping to maintain a rich creamy lather which is essential for a good shave.  This is one of the reasons why men need a good hair shaving brush.  A shaving brush is good for the skin.  When using it to apply lather to your…

Do You Love To Read?

It's summer time, and children have plenty of time now to enjoy their favorite hobbies at home. But why don't we get them to read books? I think it would be good to encourage our kids to read.  If you think that they will shun away from it as they might probably say, "Mom, I needed a break from book, it's summer after all.".  Don't fret! You can still encourage them to read books.  Just try to get them some books that are more entertaining.  Story books and books about crafts would be the best options available. Getting our kids to read is also a good way of keeping them at home.  Once they've learned to love books, then it will already be a part of their routine.  It would also be a good bonding time with our kids.  Make reading more fun and exciting by creating a reading nook in your house whether it be outdoors or indoors.  Make the place conducive for reading and you may soon find out that it's not only your kids who will benefit from it but even …

Music Room

I wonder what it would be if we have a music room in the house.  Would it be fun? Well...definitely! That is if everyone in the family enjoys music a lot.  But in our case, it is not, so I better opt for an entertainment room instead.  I just couldn't afford to have all those electric guitars, keyboards, drum set and other music stuff.  Well, it would be nice if you can have it for rent in case you have one.  I've seen a live band studio not so far away from our house and I've been seeing a lot of high school students going there and have their live band rehearsals.  Most of the schools now are putting up their live band group and it's a good venue for those students who got an inclination for music. Since that is the trend now, I think if you have the spare space at home, you can very well convert it to a music studio.  That would be a nice way to convert an idle space into something useful and profitable.  You'll get to involve your kids, too.  Who knows, they mi…

Happiness Is A Decision

I think it would be a great way to start the week by sharing some positive thoughts.  I was actually thinking of  a topic to write when it suddenly crossed my mind about a previous conversation with my Boss.  I think we are talking about employees who keep on transferring from one job to another.  I would just like to share my views here which also has something to do with how I am now.
Going back to the conversation with my Boss, I told him that I don't have anything against those who would like to move from one job to another, it's their choice.  Maybe they wanted to get a bigger salary, more benefits, a new environment, a new challenge or anything of that sort which I vehemently agree.  Every individual has different needs, different dreams, different behaviors and different feelings.  He then replied, "Yes, but not every six months or every year.  That's strange!"  Well, personally, I also wouldn't agree on transferring from one place to another in a very …

Musical Instruments And Accessories

I have to admit it, I have a very little knowledge when it comes to musical instruments and accessories.  For one, I don't have any inclination to music. Well, I love to listen to good music and love watching live bands, too.  But since, I never know how to play any musical instrument and I am not gifted with a beautiful singing voice, thus my interest in music also vanished.  That's why I was happy upon learning that my daughter loves to play guitar.  There are lots of sophisticated musical instruments and accessories in the market but I don;t have any idea how to use them.  I once dreamed of being able to play a guitar but it never materializes until I get old.  One of my friends told me once that her husband wants to buy jamhub and I was clueless after hearing that (lol). 
But on the side note, if you really love music, it also pays to be well versed with everything about music including various instruments and accessories.  But maybe I will left that part to my daughter.  I…