Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good Bye February, Hello March!

February is officially over! I almost didn't noticed it.  Perhaps, because I'm so busy this month.  A lot of things has been taking up my time lately.  As you know, I'm working full time here in Cambodia and apart from that I am managing several blogs,  doing some online tasks,  checking on my kids at home, managing our "for lease house" ....  mind you, I have a demanding tenant now compared to before.  She wants everything in the house properly fixed and in good condition.  I just recently had the screen door in the living room repaired as well as replaced the door frame.  I'm looking at having the ceiling painted too.  Anyway, I'm more determined to be mindful about the maintenance of that house now after my bad experience with the last tenant.  I also have another project on the way.....will announce it later. :)  Cheers to that!

February has been a busy month for me thus, I am looking forward to have a good rest during my forthcoming vacation.  I hope I could take away the "workaholic" nature of me just for once, as I'm feeling really tired.  I am looking forward for a much needed rest and relaxation at home.  I wish I could do that next month when I get back home. For now, I am just planning on how I would spend my vacation with the family.  I hope I could spend some quality time with them.  I am very thankful for the good things that happened this February.  I hope this will continue till the end of the year and the years to come.

How about you? Hows your February? 

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  1. Wow, parang kakabakasyon mo lang and now you're looking forward to another one. Ang galing mo magplano :)

    Where is the house that you rented out? Buti you have time to personally take care of it pa rin. You definitely deserve a break from all that you do. :)


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