Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Emergency Evacuation Plan

Next month would be the Fire Prevention Month and at this time, most companies are busy conducting their briefings and orientations to the employees about emergency evacuation procedures and our company is just one of them.  As early as now, the assigned department is now busy in providing trainings to the different employees of various departments.  Part of the training is a briefing on step by step procedures in securing their respective areas during emergency situations as well as the general evacuation procedures.  

One of the highlights of the orientation is being well versed with the safety signs used on various parts of the company premises.  Examples of which are fire exit door signs and fire safety signs.  One of the basic thing that every employee should know is to familiarize themselves on the facilities of the company, know the fire exit doors and the location of the fire extinguishers.  Being able to read the safety signs is a general requirement and is a must for every employee.

Our company had been using various safety signs on certain areas of the company premises.  This is not only for safety measures but a part of customer service provided to our valued guests.  We have parking signs installed at the parking lot and our company even go to the extent of providing street signs on the way going to our company building.  This is to get everything organized and easy for our guests and for all the employees, as well.    

I guess all employers should ensure that all their employees are familiar with the evacuation procedures and are aware of the responsibilities and roles that they have to play in case of emergencies.  Fire and evacuation drills is a must for the employees to be aware of what they have to expect in case of fire, flood, earthquake, and other unforeseen circumstances that requires a massive evacuation.  Employees should be well trained, briefed and properly oriented on the common safety measures that have to be undertaken during the above mentioned emergencies.  This way, we could assure the safety of the employees and guests and in so doing, hundreds of lives could be saved. 

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