Sunday, February 24, 2013

Attending Sunday Mass

One of the many things that I truly missed being away from home is attending Sunday mass with the whole family.  They say that "A family that prays together, stay together" and I believe so.  I remembered before that we would always go to church on Sundays and will either have lunch or dinner at a restaurant of our choice and see a  movie if we find a good movie to watch that day.  It's  good bonding time for the whole family.

We used to attend on a church located inside the free port zone and this is a small chapel with lots of church seating outside the church building to accommodate more church goers.  The ambiance is nice though as this is situated in a garden setting with all those beautiful landscape.  Now that I will be home again, I hope that I could go to church more often which I cannot do here as I am staying in a predominantly Buddhist country.

I'm really looking forward to that!     


  1. Welcome back home, enjoy and cherish the moment with your family!

  2. Going to church every Sunday is also one of our family activity Sis. I am so excited for your homecoming Sis. I am it will be a great opportunity for you and your family to have a lot of bonding moments together. :)

  3. There really is something peaceful and unique when you hear Mass together with your love ones.


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