Thursday, January 10, 2013

Your Life Is In Your Phone

Your life is in your phone?  I have chosen this title for my post since I've been noticing that the advent of technology had made us so dependent with our gadgets.  Why not? Technology brings us into great heights.  How internet enabled it's millions of users to connect with each other around the globe, how mobile phones make it so easy and convenient to do mobile banking, checking emails while on the go, getting the latest news updates, writing your daily inspiration in your mini diary, capturing photos through instagram, etc.  I think I will ran out of space here if I will enumerate all.  The idea can just be sum up in one simple thing, that our mobile phones now become our personal secretary.

Maybe some of us would even store all our private and personal information in our cell phones, so it would be handy to check these ones out when necessity arises. But the question now would be, are you doing something to ensure that our personal information are safe and secured?  How can we possibly do this?

The good news is, there's now ESET Mobile Security Solution.  This is compatible for Android and Windows phones. It can ensure that our phones will be secured against all malware, viruses, loss of the device itself and even physical theft.  This has so many features that could ensure maximum security for your phones. I think this is the most convenient, safest and cheapest way to protect our valuable information that could mean our life.

Well, I haven't explored it yet but if I think that I really need it for work and business, why not?  I might be researching more on this and save those information for my future use.

Have you got one already?  


  1. Been a long time no hop here. Im happy that you are very active in blogging despite your super hectic schedule teh. Ikaw na yan.

    By the way, i have one request though. Can you please update my ronareviews link here? Ive already updated my link kaya ok na sya. Nastock kasi nuon kaya nagfreeze ang latest updates ko sa inyo. Thanks!

  2. Hi teh, been a long time since i last hop here. Im enjoying reading your updates thru email and finally nakahop na din ako dito. Nakakahappy na youre very active in blogging and i see that you have lots of opportunities coming in. No wonder you earned that big last year! Kaya nainspire nako ulit magblog.

    Btw, please do me a favor of updating ronareviews link here in your blog. Ok na yung link kaya you will get to see my latest updates nadin. Salamuch! Also, ive started blogging again! Namiss ko to.


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