Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Summer Classes And Work Shops

Since it's going to be summer again, I'd been seeing lots of ads about summer classes and summer work shops on various learning fields such as sports, music and arts, theater, photography and many others.  Some are being offered by reputable schools and some could be availed from different private learning institutions. My daughter has been thinking of taking a charcoal painting class as she wanted to hone her talents in arts.  She told me that at one mall near our place, this class is being offered for a minimal fee.  I wouldn't say "No" of course just in case that she wishes to continue.  As a matter of fact, I'm encouraging her to take music lessons, too.  One friend of mine was once a product of a summer work shop and is now earning a decent living out of her passion for singing and playing guitars.  Now that she's earning big abroad, she could very well afford an  exceptional squier electric bass.  Good for her!  As in the case of my daughter, I'm sure that she will not go the extent of performing on stage as she is sometimes an introvert.  But developing her talents will surely do her a favor one day.  So for Moms, I think you have to encourage your kids to enroll in summer classes or work shops of their chosen program.  Not only will they learn new things but they would also develop their self confidence and meet new friends.


  1. I agree with what u said sis. I love singing kasi eversince i was a child and sometime in my teenage years when I begun becoming shy on performing in frony of people kasi di nmn ako performer, knta kanta lang sa church. Things changed when I enrolled myself to Music course. And it was tough for my voice and piano teacher to motivate me sing and play on recitals. I would always be the most nervous recitalist back then. Pero nasanay din in the end. I gained confidence and faith in myself. Kaya si Miks. Im sure she'll ovrcome shyness too. Go for it! Wag sayangin ang talents!

  2. I'm one of those who looks forward for summer art workshops. Hopefully I could enroll in a photography summer class. :D

  3. I agree. I'm actually thinking of making my daughter join any workshop :)


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