Friday, January 11, 2013

Over Loaded Vehicles At Cambodia

One of the shocking revelations when I first came to Cambodia is having overloaded vehicles on streets as a common sight.  I just felt that the road traffic and safety rules here are far less comparable to the Philippines where even jay walking is punishable by law.  Here, you can cross the street anywhere at your heart's content. (lol)

Motor bikes on streets where small children are back riders really scares me. Only few people wear helmets and four wheeled vehicles that used to transport goods are over loaded.  I couldn't imagine myself riding on that van fully loaded with passengers and have tons of goods on top of the vehicle. Really amazed me!  It would be great if they could purchase some yakima racks to hold those extra gears and stuff.  I think that would make the vehicle looks a lot more organized.  Oh well, it's not my business though, but I just felt that we're a bit luckier in the Philippines as we never go to that extent yet, and I think it will never happen even in the future.  How I wish that this thing can be improved as I worried about the safety of the people here especially those small children.

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  1. Kakatakot naman sis. As in overloaded pati top? Minsan kuhanan mo pics gusto ko makita.


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