Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Cheap Skirts for Office Outfit

One of the greatest challenges that women are facing today is how to stay fashionable and exude that aura of confidence even under a tight budget.  For some people, fashion statement is defined by the brands and the prices of the clothes they wear, for the others, it is simply by looking at their best in any outfit.  As what Yves Saint Laurent previously stated and I quote, "Over the years, I have learned that what is important in a dress is the woman who is wearing it".  Keeping this in mind, it is just safe to say that it takes a lot of courage and confidence for a woman to be fashionable.  

How are you going to transform those cheap skirts into a fashionable office outfit?  It may sound strange but for me, any simple outfit could be a "stand out" for as long as it has an expression, simplicity and sex appeal.  We need not look daring just to catch people attention.  The most important thing is that we know how to mix and match and accessorize.  Even modest skirts could stand out if we could pair these with the right tops and blouses.  I think if we speak of office attire, we could never go wrong with blacks. A black wardrobe could make us appear slimmer and easy to accessorize.  It looks formal and elegant.  No wonder this has been the favorite color for corporate attire.

Dressing up in style can really be expensive if we do not know the basics.  However, a lot of women are still able to manage being fashionable without breaking the bank.

There's a lot of online shops selling trendy clothes at a reasonable price and if you're lucky enough, you can even avail of big discounts if you happen to buy during their clearance sale.  You should select colors which can easily be mixed and matched.  Black, white, navy blue and dark brown are the most common for work clothes.  These can go with the right fashion belts which could add up to the style.  Choice of right accessories can also do the wonders.

Saving money for your clothes shopping depends on choosing the right store.  Internet shopping is a good way to find good deals in clothing.  Here, you can hop on several stores and compare the prices.  I'm not really a fashion expert but my many years of working in a corporate world had given me enough experience to choose my office outfit in a way that it would best suits me without causing me to go bankrupt.  However, the most important aspect of being fashionable is being able to project a positive image and an aura of self confidence without even trying so hard.  The way we project ourselves and the way we interact with people can always bring out the best in us in whatever clothes we wear.  


  1. Great tips there! No need to buy branded stuff. some cheaper ones have the same quality as the branded ones anyway

  2. As much I wanted to dress up so girly, I can't because I am working in a feedmill and ang outfit lagi is shirt and pants + closed shoes. But your tips are great, I hope I can really wear skirts. hehe

    Mommy Maye

  3. great tips, I am not into skirt and dress....

  4. Nice skirt! Actually I'm a lady with no skirt in the closet puro pants lang. :)

  5. Skirt is a comfortable outfit and what would it make it better if it's cheap and branded and thanks for sharing the tips.


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