Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Gifts For Our Furry Friends

There's no doubt that our family is now extended and includes our furry friends, Lucio and Marcus.  We don't treat them as plain pets, we treat them as part of our family. Last Christmas eve, our family had our traditional exchange gifts and of course, these two cute furry friends were included in the exchanging of gifts. Our baby Marcus received treats from "Kuya Edemar" and another set of feeding bowl from his "Ate Mika". of course, I also gave him a toy (the one in blue color above) which he could play with at home.  Marcus was so excited to receive his gifts and opened everything by himself.  In fact, he opened these gifts while we are also opening our gifts. :)

The newly groomed Lucio (the reason why he is not hairy ) also received his share of gifts. You see  how excited he was opening those gifts?  Unlike Marcus, Lucio seemed like already contented after opening the first gift as he almost didn't mind the rest.  He was preoccupied with the bone food treat that I gave him that he already forgot his other gifts.

It's so funny how we can treat these dogs as humans. lol  We celebrate their birthdays, too!

Oh, next month will be Marcus 1st birthday.  I wonder what could we prepare for him on that special day.

Stay tune!  :)

Gift Hunting

On the day that I shop for our traditional exchange gifts, I was having a difficulty thinking of what gifts shall I give to my son and daughter. I don't want to give them shirts, clothes or anything to be worn as both of them already had enough of those in their closets.  I wanted to give them something different and unique but I am already running out of time.  Choosing a gift for someone is not a very easy task, as you have to consider a number of things like the recipient's wants and needs and what would best suit them.

My son is not into music so even I could save on Alexander Reeds reeds, still it wouldn't be great idea. Instead, I bought him something that he could use to organize his stuff in his room plus a set of skin care products as he is quite conscious about his looks. :)

My son and daughter who used to be small kids are now young man and woman and I knew that people on their teen age years are more concerned abut their looks more than anything else, so I bought things that they could use for that purpose. lol

I am pleased that they are both happy with what they got and I think I have made the right decision on what gifts should I give them both. :)

MMFF Entry : "Pagpag" Siyam na Buhay

Since it is already our tradition to watch movies every Christmas Day, we bought our tickets in advance for "Pagpag", Siyam na Buhay.  We are huge fans of horror films thus we've chosen to see this movie ahead of the other entries.  Besides my son and daughter thought that it would be best to bring my Mom on a later day to watch Vice Ganda's entry as this is a comedy film and will best suit her.

We have high expectations over "Pagpag" as this movie is well promoted and is having a good casting plus the lead stars Daniel and Kathryn have a huge following.  Overall the movie is good and entertaining, but our expectation was not really met.  In fact, we never got scared at all watching this movie.  There were even scenes where we had a good laugh.  The story has so many flaws and very ordinary.  It seemed to me that this is just a remake of past horror movies with some scenes just modified.  The trailer also didn't turn up to have a direct link to the film as a whole.  

I'm not saying that the movie is not really worth our time though, actors and actresses in this film were all good. The only problem was that I was not really satisfied with the story line.  Overall, because of Daniel and Kathryn, watching this movie is just okay for all of us especially for my daughter who is a great fan of Daniel.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Carols

One thing that always excites me every Christmas season is hearing Christmas carols. It's really music to my ears.  I always love to hear Christmas songs.  There's a kind of special feeling which engulfs my being every time I hear Christmas songs.  Admittedly, there were even times that I felt like crying not because I'm sad but because I can feel the spirit of Christmas through these songs.  The song, Christmas in our Hearts by Jose Marie Chan has always been my favorite Christmas song as I find it very meaningful and it truly touches my heart.

We've been to the mall several times during the season ad I always feel delighted every time I watch the choir singing all those beautiful Christmas songs in the middle of the crowd.  They are playing different kinds of musical instruments and the sound is very soothing and relaxing.  When I hear Christmas songs, there's a magical feeling of calmness and peacefulness which cannot be explained.  There is no need to use new audio technica bphs1 at Musicians Friend, just to feel the beauty and serenity of the songs. Actually, the message behind the songs we hear every Christmas season is enough for us to appreciate the beauty of the song regardless of the artist who sang it.

Christmas is truly magical as we always find a special feeling in our hearts during this season, not only through songs but also through our prayers and through giving and sharing.  I think that's the essence of Christmas.   

Happy Birthday Lord Jesus

As we celebrate Christmas, let us all be reminded that Jesus is the reason for the season, as this day reminds us that a saviour was born.  Christmas is a special season to celebrate as this day normally reunites the whole family.  It is nice to know that there is a special occasion each year where all people are hoping to be reunited and celebrate with the family.  This is an important day of the year where all members of the family gather together in love and unity.  

Christmas is not only about exchanging of gifts, going out on a date, eating all the sumptuous foods and decorating our homes with special Christmas decorations. While all of these are part of the celebration, the true essence of Christmas is for us to be reminded that Christ wanted us to be all united in peace and harmony and that love be always felt in our hearts despite of all difficulties and challenges.

Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ wanted us to put a smile on our faces as we keep his promise of eternal salvation.  He wanted us to remain stable and happy as there is always a promise of hope for a better tomorrow. 

Marry Christmas from our home to yours!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hiring The Best Disability Law Firm

Whether you are disabled through employment or during service in the armed forces, in most cases, you are entitled to disability benefits. Due to the difficulty in receiving the claims that are due to you, it is oftentimes necessary to hire a social security disability law firm. These firms specialize in helping disabled workers, servicemen, and servicewomen receive the Social Security benefits that are due to them. As these cases are of extreme importance and can have a significant impact on your life, it is imperative that you choose the right firm to represent you and your case.  You should try to choose a firm that encompasses all of the following qualities, which you will find only in the best disability law firms.

Level of Experience

There are few qualities more indicative of one's expertise and ability to successfully get a job done than one's level of experience. When choosing a disability law firm, it is always in your best interest to choose a firm that has been successfully helping individuals receive the social security benefits that they deserve over a long period of time. This enables you to view a consistent and proven track record of success and rest assured that you are being represented by experienced professionals.


Choosing the best social security disability law firms means selecting a firm that is an expert in the field. You should choose a firm that is highly knowledgeable in Social Security disability law and is aware of all its intricacies, because in doing so, you are increasing the chances that your case will be successful. In addition, law firms with a greater level of expertise also have more experience, which makes them more qualified to handle a more diverse range of disability cases.

Attention to Detail

Social Security disability law is extremely complicated, which requires the law firm to be perfect in its attention to detail. Every single element of a case is important, and only the best firms understand that nothing should be overlooked. The best firms are impeccable in their analysis of your case and are able to synthesize all the details in order to provide you with a successful outcome.

Winning Track Record

The final and perhaps most important quality of a winning law firm is its track record. The greatest law firms will have a track record that is representative of their level of experience, expertise, and attention to detail. You want to choose a firm that will not only tell you that it is the best in the field; you want that firm to show you how great it is through a proven record of success in winning cases.

At, all the information that you need to make this critical decision is available. You will be able to browse through what this firm has to offer, the kinds of cases that they have won over twenty years of representing clients, view summaries about the expert and professional attorneys at the firm, and even see which medical conditions are most commonly represented. 

Article by Brittany Ewing

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Newly Purchased Books from Amazon

I am much into baking and home organizing now, so it is just expected that I will be interested in purchasing books about baking and home organizing. I've been getting loads of ideas from my online researches but some useful tips and secrets can only be found on a full lenght book by well known authors.  Besides, I find storing these books in my kindle collection really useful  as I could read these books anytime even when I'm already on bed.  Another thing is that, since I still have credits left on my gift voucher which I received from a DA in one of my blogs, I might as well spend it on books as I could slowly build up my own library of books "free of charge". (lol)

I already have several books in my collection and I'm beginning to be addicted collecting books from Amazon kindle. I hope I could have more sponsors for free gift vouchers so I could purchase more. :) 

Okay guys...wish me luck on this goal! :)

Easy To Understand Tips And Advice About HVAC

HVAC problems are one of those issues homeowners simply hate to see arise. The task of finding a qualified, affordable contractor is something that many simply dread. However, by applying the guidance that follows below, the process can actually be far easier than many might have imagined, so keep on reading.
Air Conditioning Repairs in Fort Mill, SC
When purchasing a new HVAC system for your home, be sure it is energy efficient. These days, most new HVAC systems are energy efficient; there is a energy star label on the equipment. However, to be sure your utility costs do not go through the roof, choose equipment that is energy efficient.

When seeking a new contractor, ask loved ones for referrals. They'll often have already had someone in for similar work and will know who to trust and who to avoid. If your family hasn't used anyone, ask co-workers or other people you trust in your community for some references. Air Conditioning Repairs in Fort Mill, SC

Ask for references and be sure to call them as well. You are dealing with a high ticket item here, so you'll want to do your due diligence to make sure you are getting the best for your money. Ask for references, but don't stop there. Call each reference to check. A lot of people don't take that important last step.

If you have a window air conditioner without a timer, use a regular outlet timer to control when it is on or off. These are the same ones you use for holiday lights, so all you have to do is plug your air conditioner into the timer and set it to cool you during the day.

As you compare new HVAC system, be sure to look at the energy ratings for each unit. The higher they are, the better they will be. Efficiency will not only get your home comfortable faster, but it will save you on your energy bills when you are running your new unit.

When you are looking for a service provider to perform service on your HVAC system, look for a company that stands behind their work. This is especially important if your compressor or condenser is being repaired. Repairs to these two things are extremely expensive, so you want to ensure that the service provider warranties their work.

Manage the heat flow into your home with window coverings to help out your HVAC system. In the warmer months, use drapes, curtains and blinds to block out sunward facing windows to keep heat from building up through the greenhouse effect. Alternatively, make sure that sunlit windows are letting light and warmth in during the colder months.

Outer coils can be cleaned with a regular outdoor hose before you turn the unit on for the season. That said, interior coils should be taken care of by a professional so that you don't do any damage as you attempt to clean them. Bring someone in to complete a check up.

Nobody wants to face issues with their home HVAC system. Suffering through a cold night or a sweltering afternoon because repairs to or replacement of existing equipment is necessary is something nobody wants to deal with. Fortunately, the information presented above can help demystify the process and help readers get the assistance they need.

We also offer upfront pricing with our $79 service calls. As a licensed, bonded and insured company, our main goal is to ensure your overall satisfaction. Air conditioning repairs should be handled by a professional, and our company has over 48 years of combined experience! Our quality of service is unmatched. If your AC system has completely stopped working or won't release air properly, contact us right away. We are available 24/7 to meet your needs.

Eating Healthy Foods

As we grow older, we begin to experience many changes in our body system.  It's either that we experience minor body pains, our body resistance getting weaker, or maybe we simply feel that our body system is not functioning efficiently as before.  I think this comes with age but surprisingly, I know a few people who are able to keep themselves in tip top shape despite their age and these people are worthy of emulation. 

Recently, I've been reading a book of Martha Stewart entitled, "Living a Good Life".  This is a very interesting book as this does not only covers topics about health and wellness, it also covers topics about how to feel good about ourselves at present and in the coming years.  This is a book which will give you a positive light about life in general and will inspire you to accept things as they are while she shows you how to keep yourself healthy, fit and capable of doing more things as you get older.

I am not done yet with the book but one thing is for sure, I am very pleased with Ms. Martha's looks and how she manage to enjoy life despite of approaching the old age. She's a very successful writer, entrepreneur, mother, teacher, social worker and a well known author of many best selling books about life and home.

Reading that book, I get more inspiration to be more cautious about the foods I eat.  No doubt that I am gifted with a fast metabolism and this enables me to keep my body slim and fit for many years.  But now, I am not only concern about having a good figure, I am more interested on how could I maintain my health and feel energetic as there are still tons of things that I'd love to do which will only be possible if I could keep myself healthy.  Now, I try to balance the foods I eat.  I am making sure that I'm getting a serving of fruits and vegetables each day.  I still eat meat but it's not as often as before.  I also take natural food supplements to help get rid of sickness and to maintain a healthy skin.  When we look good, we also feel good, so we have to make it a point that we're taking care of ourselves inside and out. :)  My health habits now also includes drinking more water as I want myself to get hydrated all the time.  They say this is necessary to maintain a healthy skin.

I am more determined to continue with my health habits for the years to come and I hope that I could share some of my health tips in my future posts.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Are You Ready To Reduce Melancholie

Dawn, Anxiety Counseling in Woodbridge VA
At some point in their lives, nearly every person faces the gloom of melancholy. Melancholie can control an individual having a depression that could block daily activities as well as make people want to live no longer. Although melancholy is a tough opponent, it might be defeated, as well as the advice in this article will surely help you to truly wage an effective war against it.  If you're depressed, try to focus on some thing productive for a minimum of 30-60 minutes a day. Doing absolutely nothing all day can cause a vicious circle where you not only have your own "base" melancholy symptoms, but additionally melancholy because you're unable to get anything done.

Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry, panic, or apprehension in response to overwhelming or threatening situations. Although most people feel anxious at one point or another, some people are paralyzed by symptoms of fear or worry. If you are struggling with feelings of anxiety, contact Milgrim & Associates, P.C. for anxiety counseling in Woodbridge and servicing Manassas, VA.

Because feelings of anxiety are often distressing, it is normal to want to avoid addressing these feelings. However, if you ignore these feelings, you may miss out on learning how to deal with these stressful situations that are often unavoidable.

In Woodbridge, anxiety therapy is often an effective approach to assess the degree of your anxiety and identify situations that may trigger these overwhelming feelings.

Our anxiety counselor in Woodbridge can help you make changes that can reduce the symptoms of anxiety and help alleviate your symptoms. These coping strategies often include:

Daily Exercise

A Nutritious, Well-Balanced Diet
An Adequate Amount of Sleep
Focusing on Positive Aspects of Life

Establishing Realistic Goals
Limiting Caffeine Intake
Reduce or Eliminate the Use of Alcohol

Balance your diet plan to control your melancholy. Should you go too long between dishes, you'll find yourself tired and irritable, which makes your depression worse. Eating a lot of, nevertheless, will make you feel sluggish and guilty. Eat tiny meals on regular times to keep your energy up and also your brain operating in its peak.  A simple walk around your block may be a excellent mood elevator as well as a way to get those happy endorphins working to your edge. If you have forgotten the delight of walking, subsequently take your dog (or borrow one from a neighbour) and concentrate on his pleasure and jokes for just a few minutes. Getting out inside your community keeps you in touch with what is going on around you and makes it possible to take the emphasis off yourself for awhile.

Cease rewarding poor behavior. Many occasions somebody who is depressed will wallow in self-pity, permitting others to coddle them and deal with their duties. Others misuse substances, booze, sex, and food being an easy way to feel better briefly. Most of these behaviours usually do not help the melancholy in just about any way aside from a temporary repair. Take away the rewards along with the despondent person can focus on the root of the melancholy.  Among the greatest methods to battle melancholy would eat a wholesome, well-balanced diet and avoid psychological eating. Individuals commonly times tend to overeat as a means to escape their melancholy and avoid dealing with uneasy inner feelings. By overeating, you're only putting off feelings that need to be coped with and, in the long term, making your depression worse.

One of the best things you can-do if you often suffer from melancholy is to work on fixing personal problems that you experienced. Break down big, complex issues into small targets you can easily achieve. Work at only a couple of targets at a time plus you may be surprised by how quickly you will be in a position to fix your problems and create a better life for yourself.  There are many causes for melancholy, therefore it is better to find just what the origin is of your depression so you can deal with it efficiently. When you have a general sense of what's causing the trouble, you can either start eliminating the cause or handle them in a different way.

Anxiety Counseling

Conquer melancholy by acquiring your interests. Melancholie robs us by dampening our want to pursue activities we used ot love. Tasks and respective interests are vital to maintaining a happy, satisfied frame of mind. Melancholie, stress, anger, anxiety as well as other negative emotions can be released through activities, especially in case you do them whenever you feel lousy.


Make sure to get a sufficient quantity of slumber if you suffer from melancholy. Sleeping too-little or very much can effect your mood and the way that you just think. Attempt to set a specific time to go to sleep every night and try to wake up at once everyday.  Should you live in your own house, you should try to decorate it into an exceedingly cheerful, happy fashion. It will help you feel much more up-beat and happy yourself.

Almost everyone combats depression at some point in their lives. Melancholie can get daily activities come into a grinding halt, and living existence a difficult endeavor as people confront unbearable depression. No matter how awful you feel, picture the light at the conclusion of the tunnel. Even if you think applying these hints is a waste of time - let them have a try. When you start to feel even a small number of improvement, you will feel inspired to keep going. You'll be able to break out another side!

Contact Milgrim & Associates, P.C. to schedule an appointment for anxiety counseling in Woodbridge. We are located in Woodbridge, Virginia, less than one mile from Routes 123 and 95, Occoquan and Tackett's Mill. We proudly serve Woodbridge, Dumfries, Lorton, Fairfax Station, and Manassas, VA.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

My E-books and My Cakes!

I'm so happy with my tablet which I've purchased more than 2 months ago.  I got it cheaper since I bought it from Cambodia.  Gadgets there are relatively cheaper compared to Philippines. :)

I've been storing loads of pics in my Samsung tablet and sharing photos in FB has never been this easy using this tablet  Now, there's more to that, I've been enjoying reading interesting books from Kindle Apps which I've purchased from Amazon's Kindle store.  Now, I could read my favorite books anytime...anywhere using my Samsung tablet.

Since we're into cake business now, I've been searching for cake books that we could use to improve our craft.  I love baking and I'm more determined now to improve my skills.  Learning is not that easy. It requires patience and hard work.  But the feeling of having come up with nice and tasty products is so rewarding and so fulfilling.

Here are some of our cup cake designs which were ordered and purchased from our online shop:

I've found some good books from Amazon Kindle store which I think could be of great use in our cake business.  That's the reward of getting e-books.  You'll get to purchase them immediately and delivered in your kindle fast and easy.  You can now read your newly purchased book soon after you made your purchase.  Easy!

I gotta go now, I'll be browsing my new book at Kindle. :)

Alternative Uses for Soy Candles

In choosing scented candles for your home, one of the more popular choices is using a candle with soy wax. This provides you with a healthier alternative that is clean burning, biodegradable and is made from a renewable resource. Most people that use soy candles in the home are going to burn them, either for the visual effect or for the pleasant scent that may be included. What are some of the alternate uses for soy candles that you should consider?

High-quality soy candles are not only going to look great when they are burning, they will be a welcome addition to your room's decor. Many people include soy candles when decorating, as they help to liven up a room and add a splash of color. In some cases, these candles are not even purchase to be burned. They will sit on the shelf or on the table to be included as a unique feature.

When you choose a high quality scented soy candle, you also have the possibility of using it for aromatherapy. There are a number of therapeutic benefits that are available when the right scents are used. For example, eucalyptus may help to relieve mental fatigue, headaches and open the bronchial passages. Lavender can lift the spirits and peppermint can help you to be more alert.

One final alternative use for soy candles is to combine the relaxing effect of aromatherapy with the pleasant visual effects of a burning candle. This can help you to relax even further and is a welcome addition to bath time or for sitting in a quiet room to prepare yourself for a restful night’s sleep.

Julie Roth is a wedding/ private event planner in Seattle. She often incorporates scented soy candles from The Soi Company into her displays.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Zalora Shopping Experience

I was one of the lucky bloggers who was given a chance to shop for free at Zalora and I would say that I was satisfied with my shopping experience. Transaction was fast and easy and there are so many products to choose from.  I had two separate transaction with them with two batches of orders, the first order belongs to me and the second one belongs to my son and daughter. Yes, I got to share the "free shopping"with them and they were really happy to choose from the long list of products available on their site.

We got the orders delivered 5 days after we placed our order.  Delivery was smooth and easy and it's door to door, so it's really very convenient. :)

My comfy flats and flip-flops

 The accessories  I ordered are both from CLN and I love them both! :)

Since I love to roam around the mall, walking is a must so I have to choose flats and flip flops to make my feet comfortable.

My flats fits me perfectly. :)

The second package arrived the following day and both my son and daughter were pleased with the quality of their order.  The shoes look exactly how it was seen on pictures and they were very happy with their "free gifts" from Zalora.

Thank you Zalora for these wonderful gifts! :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fixing Our Bedroom

I've been fixing our master's bedroom since I arrived home last October and I have done a lot of organizing and upgrading of bedroom furniture.  I'm happy with the outcome though and I've decided to upgrade my television set inside the room as well.  I guess, it would be nicer if I could also purchase apple ipods at musicians friend. :)

I'm also done fixing my wardrobe cabinet and have created lots of storage spaces for all my personal stuff. It's a great feeling if you know that you are able to declutter and organized.  It's a great stress reliever.  It is very liberating when you know that you've accomplished a lot of things in such a short span of time.

I guess, I would continue doing this as long as I can and in fact, I have featured some of my personal projects on my two home blogs.  I will be posting more of my DIY projects at "Home Sweet Home" and "Home Fanatic".

Glad To Be Home!

I can't believe it! It's almost 2 months already since I've decided to become a WAHM.  At first, I am not so certain on how would it be to be staying at home and turning my back on my career.  I've been in the business for more than 17 yrs and to be a WAHM is something really new to me especially that I've been staying abroad for almost 7 years.

Well, it feels great waking every day in the comfort of my own bed, having my favorite cup of coffee in  the dining room with my son and daughter and watching my favorite early morning shows while munching some cup cakes. :)  There's no place like home really.  There is that special feeling that engulfs my being every time I walk around the house, the garden and the entire yard.  I could see and appreciate where our hard work had led us to.  I turned my back on a high paying job abroad but I have no regrets as I could be in the comfort of my own home and with the people that matter most to me.... my family. :)

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Christmas Spirit

Since this will be my first Christmas as a WAHM, it's pretty obvious that I am so excited to decorate our home.  I like Christmas spirit to be alive as I am staying home for good and this is a good way to start rekindling those sweet memories when I just got married and we were just starting to build our first home. But since a lot of unexpected misfortunes happened in the country and there's a lot of people out there who are truly in need, I've decided to keep everything as simple as possible. I will just decorate our home with plain and basic Christmas decors, some are even DIY decors.  Anyway, the spirit of Christmas lies in our hearts and not on any material things or possessions.  I know it would be great to put up some lovely Christmas figurines like what I saw from department 56 new england village but perhaps I could just reserve it for next year. :)

I'm loving DIY projects now and I feel more fulfilled doing some worthwhile things on my free time.  I don't have much free time though but I see to it that I'm able to manage our home and attend to my online works without compromising my other priorities.  I am thankful for the gift of good health and creative hands as this allows me to do things that matter most in my life. 

Inspiring Decors

I love decorating my house and it's a fact.  My family and friends could attest to that. Just this morning, I retouched the paint of our garden plant box.  I still have left over paints of different colors, so I decided to retouch the paint of the plant box.  I think it doesn't look attractive anymore. :)

Browsing online, I found this cute pillow with an inspiring message.  I think it would be a nice idea to decorate your home with something that would inspire you, get the positive vibes and gives you more energy to work around the house. I love the message in the pillow, "Winning".  Somehow, it reminds us that life is full of trials but we just have to consistently remind ourselves to fight and win every battle, every mishaps, every challenge and every difficulty that comes along our way.   I know it's hard coz I've been through a lot already in the past but the fact that I am still here, standing and moving on is enough reason to say that I won my battle and it really inspires me to live each day. :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Gift Hunting

It's less than a month ago before Christmas!  Are you excited as well?  Yes, this Christmas season is going to be very special for me because I'm now a certified WAHM. I've decided to quit my high paying job to enjoy the comforts of being at home with my family.  Sometimes, it's a bit stressful and tiring to manage the household even if I already have a house helper but there's a feeling of happiness and fulfillment that cannot be replaced with any amount of money.

One exciting activity for the family is hinting for gifts for our traditional exchange gifts every Christmas.  My kids are now young adults and choosing a gift for them is getting harder as compared to before when they were just small kids where a simple toy, a pair of shoes, shirts and dresses will do.  Now, I have to live up with their preference in things.  I always give my son a watch as a gift.  In fact, this was my gift to him on his last birthday.  he's a certified watch addict and he has already a number of few nice watches in his collection. But he's not the type who would long for really expensive watches, just the normal brands will do as long as he loves the design and color.  I've been eyeing for these Nixon watches online but I'm not sure though whether he would like them as mostly the designs are for adults.  I might look for some on malls too but I'm not really decided yet.  I want to give him something unique this time but it's really hard to think and decide.

Anyway, I still have almost a month to go before Christmas, I hope I would be able to find a nice gift by then. :)

Friday, November 15, 2013

Feeling Restless

Now that I am doing an entirely different routine from what I've used to for the past six years, it seemed to me that I'm still adjusting.  Not that I'm complaining, in fact, I am enjoying my new role now as a full time home maker, a part time freelancer and a budding entrepreneur (lol).  I've always been a home maker and a mother but since I was actively working for the past 17 years, I didn't really experienced how it was to stay in the house most of the time and manage the entire household in the most detailed manner ever. :)

Sometimes, I feel that I'm so preoccupied with lots of things but I know that this will be probably be for the time being only as I'm not yet settled with all my backlogs in the house.  Once I am done with all the fixing, organizing and repairing, everything will soon be stable and back to normal.

Now, I have the chance to look after the house and my kids all the time. Despite of being a career woman for so many years, I could still say that nothing can be compared to being a wife and a mother.  It's a life long commitment that you need to master for the benefit of those whom you love.

Meanwhile, I still need to finish loads of job and I still have lots of plans for the coming months.  I hope I could update my blogs more often to share my thoughts and experiences in my new found life in our humble abode.


The Many Perks of Online Shopping

Now that the holiday season is fast approaching, many people are already on a look out for places to shop. For some, online shopping proves to be a better alternative as it can save them from lots of hassles of going to the mall, beating the crowd and more importantly, they can also save on unnecessary expenses on taxi fares and dining out while shopping. I would admit, I'm not used to online shopping before, I have the reservation to buy products online because I have the fear of not getting the merchandise on time, and I worry that the quality of the products might be compromised as we did not actually see them physically.  This notion slowly diminished until I get enough confidence in online shopping.  Also, since most of the people now are hooked on the Internet and most of their time are spent online, shopping online became every one's choice.  One of the perks of online shopping apart from getting huge discounts is to be able to shop anytime of the day and browse through a number of categories and compare prices of the merchandise from various stores in just one sitting. 

Being a Mom to a teen-aged daughter who's much concern about fashion, I have now more alternatives to shop for her trendy clothes, shoes and accessories.  She always consults me whenever she saw something online that really fascinates her.  She loves shoes and that's a fact. She recently asked me if she can purchase a top-sider to match her new jeans.  Browsing online, she chanced upon Zalora and was amazed with their Top-Siders collection that comes with a variety of designs for both casual and dressed up look! She's thinking of getting one as trendy shoes has always been a part of her Christmas shopping list.  I bet she will be on a look out for some teen bags and accessories, too.  

After you've done with your online shopping, you would soon get used to it as you could see the many conveniences it brings to the consumers.  It is by far the most practical and economical way of shopping that could be perfect for all ages.

I should know better, I am a fan of online shopping. :)

Hygiene Kit Campaign for Typhoon Yolanda Survivors

We are encouraging our fellow bloggers and everyone to take part in this joint effort to help Yolanda victims by donating a hygiene kit to the victims particularly those who are currently in the evacuation centers.  This donation, no matter how small it is will take a long way in helping the victims to at least cope up with their basic needs and help them protect themselves from sickness due to their uncomfortable conditions in the evacuation centers.

The devastation caused by the typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has affected not only a few cities and houses in the Philippines but the majority of the Visayas region where the death counts has now reached thousands and number of families affected now millions.

A conscious effort is now being undertaken by the Davao Bloggers Society and Filipino Bloggers Forum to join the relief operations by raising a total of P100,000.00 to finance and produce 1,000 hygiene packs for the victims. Each kit costing to PHP100 or USD2.50 will contain toiletries and other essential goods for a week’s use of one person. Hygiene kits were chosen to be donated as this is something that is not yet prioritized by many donors.

Each kit will contain the following:

For MALES – Total Cost: PhP95.60

60g Soap
Weekly pack Shampoo – 8 sachets x 4 mL each
3 packs of 30 g Toothpaste
40 Pulls Pop Up Tissue
10 g Cotton
75 mL Alcohol
2 x 3 mL Deolotion
12 mL Insect repellant
Resealable Zip Bag

For FEMALES – Total Cost: PhP100.00

60g Soap
Weekly pack Shampoo – 8 sachets x 4 mL each
3 packs of 30 g Toothpaste
40 Pulls Pop Up Tissue
10 g Cotton
75 mL Alcohol
2 x 3 mL Deolotion
12 mL Insect repellant
2 pcs Sanitary Napkins
Resealable Zip Bag

If you are from Davao City and you wish to help or join the campaign, you may donate in cash (please seal in an envelope) or in kind (preferably hygiene products found in the list/picture) to:Mam Bebs BakeryCVA Building, CM Recto Street, Davao City (fronting City Triangle, adjacent to Ateneo Claveria Gate)

Mondays- Fridays, 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

If you are living outside the Philippines, you may send your donations via Paypal to:

"Maraming Salamat Po!"

Thursday, November 14, 2013


I'm already on my 25th day at home since I resigned from work last month and I must say that there's a lot of changes in my daily routine.  Back in Cambodia, I only go to the office everyday and usually go online when off from work.  When online, it's either that I watch some "Pinoy"TV series or do some online tasks and keep my blogs running.  Now, I got more responsibilities to look after as I do not only manage myself but the entire household.  I still have a house helper but the domesticated side of me wouldn't let any part of the house left unclean.  I prepare and cook meals for the family.  I occasionally go out for some grocery shopping and to buy some foods at a super market.  But, the best part of being at home is that I could manage my time well.  I could sleep and take a nap whenever I want as long as I'm done with my obligations at home.  I always watch movies on DVD with the kids and can now follow the TV series that I just used to watch on replays on the internet when I was in Cambodia.  

I'm juggling with my time now as I also attend to the entrepreneur side of me (lol).  My days would be more exciting and challenging as I also go back to where my passion is, teaching.  Needless to say, I've managed to master the art of multitasking and it has given me an opportunity to widen my horizons as I get to do lots of freelance works at the same time.  That is apart from managing my home and looking after my teen aged kids.  

I'm enjoying every bit of it.  :)

Food Trip

Dining out is one of our family's favorite bonding activity next to watching movies.  We loved it so much when we get to share stories or simply pour out what's in our heart and mind during the day. This is the time where we interact with each other and share the joys and laughter no matter how simple the foods served on our table.  For us, dining our is more than savoring good foods, it is savoring happy moments together as a family.  Since, it is our habit to dine out when opportunity arises, sometimes there is the challenge of cutting down on expenses.  Since, we cannot totally avoid this, we have to find ways and means to continue this favorite bonding activity without necessarily being too harsh on our budget.  This is the reason why looking for discount coupons is necessary.  Since we love to drop by at Wendy's almost every week after we've done attending the Sunday mass, I always make it a point to look for free printable wendy's coupons.  I know that this can help us save a lot on our regular purchases of wendy's food products.  The problem is that getting free printable coupons is not that easy as this has not been so popular in the country. This is not the case in other major cities in the US as residents there could always have the chance to enjoy delicious hamburgers with Wendy’s Coupons Colorado. As it has now become a trend to use coupons to attract customers, consumers can now enjoy the perks of getting discounts every time they dine or take home their favorite burgers and fries.

For me, I used to order their fresh garden salad as I really enjoyed taking crispy and healthy veggies all the time.  My friends in the US told me how they love to take home meals from Wendy's especially when they are already very tired from work and cooking late dinner is already not advisable.  Good thing that they can avail of  wendy's coupons 2013 texas and use these on their regular purchase of their favorite meals.

I've learned the advantages of couponing from my friends and I'm glad that this can help us save a lot when we dine out.  No doubt that this has been so popular and widely used as a promotional tool of many restaurants and supermarkets, as well.

Being consumers, we don't only have the obligation to choose what's best for us but also to make sure that our pockets won't hurt that much.  Why do we have to sacrifice our favorite bonding activity if we can do it without necessarily affecting our budget.  It's just a matter of finding options and for me saving through coupons is one of the best ways to stretch out our budget.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Random Thoughts on a Friday

I was looking for something to buy online when my attention was caught by some great products on sale from music stores selling various types of musical instruments.  Suddenly, I became very nostalgic as I remembered that one of my greatest dream is to be able to play a guitar.  This was my dream since childhood but unfortunately, I never got the chance to learn the craft.  Probably, music is not really in my veins (lol).

I always imagine myself playing a guitar in front of a crowd or even during parties, but now I already forget about that dream.  I guess, I'm, too old for that now. I'm happy though that my daughter fulfilled my dream when she began learning how to play guitar few years ago.  Now she can play the guitar well even without attending formal guitar lessons.  I guess, talents are inborn, although some can be developed.  My daughter learns so easily even without using a branded guitar.  I wonder if she uses a more sophisticated brand, would it make a big difference?  It doesn't need to be the one with amplitube, perhaps just something a little bit better than what she's currently using.  My daughter is really into arts.  She's good at it and been receiving recognition from school out of her talents.  

Way to go baby! I'm always here to support you!  Meanwhile, I will just continue browsing for what I really wanted to buy online.  Perhaps, I should start with my DIY projects after.  At least, that's still considered an art. :)

Super Typhoon Yolanda

As we just have experienced a great flood last September 23, I couldn't help but have the fear for this super typhoon Yolanda.  Our region is not the center of the typhoon this time but I worry just the same for the rest of my "kababayans" in Visayas and Mindanao regions.  I knew how it is to be strongly affected by the typhoon and the discomfort that it brings to people.  

According to the latest reports, typhoon Yolanda has already made a landfall in Eastern Samar early this morning and packs maximum sustained winds of 235 kph near the center and gustiness of up to 275 kph.   Metro Manila was placed under storm signal no. 2 while 21 other areas, mostly in Visayas have been placed under storm signal no. 4.

From what I've been hearing from news updates on TV, Typhoon Yolanda might be one of the strongest storms in world history.   The President last night made an appeal to the people particularly to those who are staying on the low lying areas to take some precautionary measures, moved to safer grounds and get things ready and prepared for any possible eventualities, as a result of this super typhoon.  More importantly, we have to stay attuned to the latest developments about the typhoon which is normally being aired on television from time to time.

Be safe "kababayans".  Let's hope and pray that noting serious will happen.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Buying an Economy Car Has Benefits

People buy cars for different reasons. Your neighbor may buy a car for a completely different reason than you do. For instance, if he or she is more interested in performance than economy, they may choose to buy a sports car. If they are interested in hauling or towing often, they may buy a pickup truck or large SUV. If you are most interested in buying an economy car, then you should read this short article for more information. If you want the most bang for your buck, you should look at a used Mazda 2 in Kansas City. The Mazda 2 is a very affordable car to begin with, and by buying it used, you will save even more money.
From a design standpoint, economy cars can be a difficult proposition for engineers. This is because they need to come up with a car that has safety, economy, quality, and small size. In addition, all of this needs to be incorporated into one package that can be mass produced at a low price point. In order to achieve this, engineers have to be very innovative, and use the best design and manufacturing processes available.
According to Mazda, the Mazda 2 has a great power-to-weight ratio, and still comes in at a respectable 35 mpg. When you combine all of this into a package that has a starting MSRP of under $15,000, it is easy to see that there are a lot of things going for the Mazda 2.
If you buy a used Mazda 2 in Kansas City, it will come with great safety features as well. Some of these features include four-wheel disc brakes. These breaks come with standard ABS and brake assist features as well. Mazda’s new electronic Brakeforce Distribution system helps to even the braking pressure between wheels and ensures maximum stopping power. The suspension system has Mazda’s Dynamic Stability Control and Traction Control systems to ensure that the suspension is doing everything that it can to help you stay in control. The Mazda 2 also features a tire pressure monitoring system as well.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Hang like a local in New York City

If you’re anything like me, discovering how the locals live is the best part of travelling.  Going off the beaten path, becoming immersed in the regional way of life and getting to know the local hang outs is an exhilarating feeling.  Finding that tucked away funky bar to dance all night or meeting locals at their favourite neighbourhood deli for a 4 inch thick pastrami and coleslaw on rye makes for a memorable holiday not soon forgotten; one that’s more than just a collection of photo bombed tourist pics never to be shared – well except on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, right? 

So really, what better place to live like a local than the big apple!  Here are just some of New York’s finest local hang outs.   

Bike, Hike and Roller Blade

One of the most popular bike paths and walking trails in the U.S.A. is the Hudson River Greenway.  This 28 mile trail extends almost the full length of the island of Manhattan along its western shore with the Hudson River.  Offering easy access points to anywhere in the city, New Yorker’s use this path extensively for fun in the sun or a cool way to commute.  You’ll find the health conscious locals taking a stroll or biking and jogging along this path all day long.  If you want to get around like a New Yorker then rent a bike or strap on the roller blades with short shorts and hit the trail with your mates for a great way to see the city!

Upper West Side Living

Like any student or young professional, fun is had by hanging with mates in a corner café, shooting the breeze while sipping a decaf soy mochaccino - hold the sprinkles please.  It’s no different on the trendy Upper West Side of New York near Columbia University where President Obama himself lived and studied.  Head to Columbus Avenue in the West 85th Street area where hip cafes and trendy restaurants offer the best coffee and great casual menus.  The Upper West Side is where many locals live and there is a dense University population so you’ll be sure to find everything from little bakeries serving delicious treats to quaint shops.  The historic row houses situated along quiet tree lined side streets offer a great glimpse into that New York way of life.

Picnics, Footy and Snoozes

Smack in the middle of Manhattan is the famed Central Park.  While you’re sure to find tourists here, this is really the top leisure spot for city residents.  No, you won’t find the coffee shop ‘Central Perk’ from Friends here, but New Yorkers could probably go on for days about all the great activities to enjoy. Locals love to chill and hang in this historic 340 hectare park and they take full advantage of its stunning grounds all year round.  Enjoy a picnic overlooking the most incredible skyline in the world or join a local game of footy or baseball! Skip the horse drawn carriages and join the locals for a lazy stroll, bike ride or a disco nap under the oak trees.      

Birds Eye View at the high Line

Just a couple blocks from the Hudson River Greenway bike path you’ll find ‘The High Line’.  Located in lower Manhattan’s West Chelsea area, this previously rundown elevated rail line was turned into a trendy roof top like park and walkway that stretches for 20 blocks above street level.  Ready for another caffeine fix?  Chill with the locals enjoying a coffee or al fresco meal while hanging with family and friends. The historic railroad tracks have been cleverly incorporated into the stylish landscaped gardens and offbeat sculptures add to the hip atmosphere.   

New York is a huge, international city with loads to offer.  All one really has to do is walk its vibrant neighbourhoods and the city will open up to you.  New Yorkers are friendly but direct and have an often undeserved reputation for being harsh.  One thing is for sure, they love talking about their city.  With that, you’ll never be lost.    

If you need help planning your flights or looking for the best places to stay, one of your local travel agents like Student Flights can take care of this for you, live like a local, stay in a hostel or book one of the quirky and unique hotels New York has to offer!

Author: Todd Sturm+ is an American who has travelled his home country extensively and New York City has always been one of his favourite getaways.  From Broadway shows to Central Park bike rides, the Big Apple never disappoints.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Clay Art

Found this cool clay art project online and I'm thinking of doing this myself at home.  I think it's pretty easy. You just have to collect leaves and flowers of different shapes and lay them on top of the clay.  Pressed these leaves and flowers against the clay to form their shapes.  Best to use as magnets!

I haven't done any clay art yet actually but I've seen some who's much into clay art and I think it's pretty interesting.  Given a choice, I prefer to have my own art work displayed in my house rather than store brought art pieces.  I didn't have a luxury of time though and would just settle for doing some once in a while. This hobby can even help you save few bucks as art works that can be bought from shops are quite expensive.  I really like to practice frugal living.  You will reap all the fruits of your labor in the end by being frugal.  Doing things as a hobby and being able to save money out of that hobby means a lot for a home maker like me.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Halloween Sale

I've been going to the mall frequently over the past two weeks and as expected, I've been seeing lots of Halloween stuff on sale.  Halloween costumes and decors can be found anywhere and sometimes, I cannot help but recall those times when me and my kids used to attend tricks or treat.  It was really fun especially when we hunt for costumes days before the actual event.  Our company used to hold treats or tricks yearly and I always take the opportunity to buy discounted tickets for the employees. Oh my, how I missed those days. :)

I wonder if there's also a sale of musical instruments as my friend wanted to buy a guitar for her son as a birthday gift which happened to fall on October 31st.  He's been attending guitar lessons every weekend and my friend was really pleased with the outcome.  She told me that she need to get a better guitar for him this time.  I suggested her to just source it online as more often, online shops are giving big discounts especially that we are already on the last quarter of the year.  I told her that she can save on fulltone fat boost at guitar center.  Well, I hope that she could get it just in time for her son's birthday.  

Anyway, we will never attend any Halloween party this year as we have lots of things to attend to at home.  I guess, we would be having a movie marathon at home instead. (lol)

Why Did I Quit My Job?

I can't believe that I'm almost two weeks now at home with my kids.  I would admit that I was really very busy during this period with loads of things to do at home.  But, I hardly notice the passing of each day as I am really enjoying what I'm doing now especially that I'm doing these things with my kids.  I'm making up for the lost times and I am very seldom to go online now compared to when I was still working in Cambodia. Maybe because, I'm still catching up with lots of household chores.  My off line and online friends knew how domesticated I am.  I love to clean, I love to cook, I love to organize and I love gardening a lot.  Contrary to what my colleagues said, I have more things to do now compared to when I was still working.  I remembered one of them telling me that I might get bored if I will stay at home for good.  But I told her, "I don't think so!"  I knew it!  I would be busy more than ever. :)

Why did I quit my job?

Well, there's a lot of factors which made me decide, "game is over".  I really had a hard time dealing with my Aussie Boss.  He's one of a kind, you know.  I've been working with a lot of Westerners before but I never had the feeling of getting irritated each day that I come to work. It's very hard to explain but it was a challenge on my part.  Guess what? Despite of that, it was kind of hard for me to tender my resignation as my Boss seemed like doesn't want to accept the idea.  He was trying to convince me to stay, but I told him that my resignation was not only a personal but a family decision.  He told me that I am being paid well and have an appropriate living quarters, so why resign?  I told him that there are so many things to consider, and that sometimes, money alone is not the only thing important in life.  I've worked abroad for 6 and a half year and I guess the experience, the knowledge and the financial rewards I've received is enough to make me feel satisfied with what I've achieved.  In fact, I've been working all my life and this will be the first time that I am going to just stay at home with the kids. 

I've read an article that getting a break will help you manage your priorities better. In life, we may experience various conflicts that may lead you to problematic situations.  Getting a break maybe be best to take your mind off for the time being.  I have a feeling then that there are so many things that had been taken into the back seat just because I am tied up with my job.  Besides, I had the sudden feeling that I've already lost my passion for the job and as a result, I'm no longer happy going to work.  It seemed like coming to work each day was already a struggle on my part.  I'd been longing to do a lot of things and I feel that I have to do those things now.  I missed my family especially the kids and I wanted to be around for my Mom who is already at the prime of her life.  My kids are growing very fast and I no longer want to miss the chance to be with them as much as I could.  I knew that even though they do not voice out what they feel,  deep inside, they're missing me a lot.

With all these being said, I guess, I have all the reasons to quit my job and I am happy about that decision.  

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Penwortham Home Care

Deciding on the best elder-care facility for their loved one is somewhat difficult for a child to do, no matter what age they are. The amount of thought and requirements that go into this process is a lot, you want the best care possible for your elderly parents or family member. Penwortham Home Care is there to offer you just the service that you need if that is where you choose to send your loved one.

At Caring Hands, you can trust them to provide a facility that offers the best home care services that you could want for your family member. The services that they offer is just what you would provide for your loved one at home.

Their many range of services can put your mind at ease when it comes to the care of your elder, whether it is family members or friends. If you are in a position where you are unable to see to the adequate care of your loved ones. Or if you are unsure of the type of care to give to them, then Caring Hands Home Care can offer you that peace of mind that you crave when it comes to their care. They provide a facility that offers live-in, personal and respite care, they offer night sitting services and support services 7 days per week.

If you would prefer to have your loved ones at home with you, then you can still take advantage of the services offered at a Penwortham Home Care facility. They can see to it that your loved ones are taken care of during the day and returned home you at nights.

They offer a facility in which your loved ones will get to interact with others in their age group, play games, read stories, and do other fun activities that will keep their minds occupied. Even if these activities are provided at your home, it will not be the same as when they enjoy it with their peers.

Caring Hands Home Care is known for the care that they provide to their elderly wards. They offer them the opportunity to relax and be themselves in an environment that is conducive to such activities. Their staff are professionals who take pride in their jobs and enjoy the level of interaction that they have with their wards.

The best thing that you can do for your loved ones is to get them registered at a Penwortham Home Care facility. You could end up boosting their confidence, just by recognizing that they have a desire to be with others who are in their age group.

It can sometimes be difficult for your elderly loved ones to interact with children and grandchildren at home after they have reached a certain age. Apart from the fact that children don’t always listen, they don’t necessarily have anything in common with younger people. Trust the professionals at Caring Hands Home Care to get them involved and to start interacting with others again. They will love you for the mere gesture.

Matt Johnston writes for

What to Look for in a Home Caregiver

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