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Natural Beauty Tips

I'm just wondering if you ever had that feeling of being exhausted walking around the mall scouting for some beauty and skin care products that would promise great results.  I do!  Going around the beauty section had been driving me nuts as I can't decide which one I'm going to choose as there are plenty of products to choose from.  Sometimes, the price helps us choose the products that we're going to buy as we would normally go for the affordable ones.  As for me, from among the beauty and skin care products that I've tried, I was just satisfied using Oil of Olay and Loreal anti aging and revitalizing cream.  I just normally switch between the two although I used Oil of Olay more often as this is the brand that my husband brings home every time he comes back for a vacation.
Whenever I shop and happens to pass by the department store's beauty section, I just shop for the basic skin care products like Lotion.  I'd been long using Citra Body Lotion which is a…

Foods And Fun!

We happened to eat at one restaurant opposite MBK mall in Bangkok and I'm a bit pleased that I was able to find a restaurant that could cater to the food preference of my two kids.  My daughter is very choosy with foods and even before we went for our Bangkok tour, I'm a bit worried that Thai foods will not be much to her liking.  For one, she doesn't like spicy foods and most of the Thai dishes are spicy.  Second, she is much into meats especially beef and she doesn't welcome the idea of trying new Asian dishes unlike her brother who is willing to try everything.
We got into this restaurant (sorry, I forgot the name) on our first day and because we liked the place and the food they served, we went back there to dine on our second day, as well.  We were attracted by the colorful interiors of the restaurant.  It's simple but clean and accessible as it is located just opposite the mall.

After trying their stir fried chicken with cashew nuts and dried chili on our first…

Gift Of Good Health

Few more weeks and it's going to be Christmas! As early as September, most of us have probably gone through a lot of shopping and gift buying.  Well, Christmas is about giving and this has been the tradition for many years.  Since, I wouldn't be home for Christmas, I wouldn't be having any special celebration.  Things only get special when I spent it with the family, especially with my kids.  In fact, I would be working both on Christmas eve and Christmas Day!  I have checked on my work schedule and I would be on afternoon shift on both days.  I do not plan for anything except that I would probably be calling them on that day or perhaps, if we could see each other through webcam via skype, that would be a lot better.  Anyway, I promised them that I will surely be home next Christmas.
This year, apart from having my family intact, leading a happy and comfortable life, one best wish that I have for myself and my family is a gift of good health!  As they say, "Health is w…

Welcoming Monday!

It's been six days since my last post in this blog.  I was very busy with all my personal stuff that I forgot to update my posts here.  I'm just done with the final touch ups on my newest blog which is a travel blog.  I just thought of compiling all the chronicles of my travels within and outside the country in just one blog.  I really love to visit places and my family could attest to that.  I made a promise to myself that I'm going to organize trips each year for myself and my family.  Since we've visited a number of wonderful and exciting places, I don't wish to put all memories into trash so having a travel blog would somehow reminds me of all the beautiful things that I've seen and witnessed on my every trip.
I hope that you will support my new blog as much as you have supported my other blogs especially my home blog which is earning quite a decent traffic.  With just two years in blogging, I think that's considered a simple achievement for all my hard …

Random Thoughts...

We are now approaching the last week of November and before we knew it, it's going to be December.  Sometimes, I hardly notice the passing of each day.  This has been my life here in Cambodia.  As what I have said before, I only keep track of the date not the days.  In life, there's so many choices that we have to make and in every decision we make, we have to give ample time and planning in order to succeed.  To be honest, sometimes I do feel that I might not have enough time to do all the things that I want and to fulfill all the things that I plan. Sometimes, I'm thinking if I'm kind of late in achieving all my goals or if I'm just on the right track.  
Just like today, I'm in the midst of my deep thoughts,  I suddenly miss my life in the Philippines wherein I am surrounded with lots of friends and my family of course.  At least, I have some people to share my thoughts with and discuss my plans, and on the process, I could get some insights and advices from t…

Online Shopping

It’s Christmas!


Good Bye Pinas!