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Healthy Meal That's Easy On The Pocket

 Sauteed Clams

Fried Egg Plant Topped With Onion Leeks

A lot of my friends are telling me that I am health conscious as they always see me buying fruits every now and then.  They also see me to be very wary of the nutritional values that I'm able to take from the foods that I eat.  In a way, it's true but just like the others, I also try to satisfy my cravings. I also eat whatever I like but I also make sure that I eat everything in moderation.
Recently, I used to cook clams.  The one shown on the first photo are very abundant in Cambodia.  It can be cooked in a variety of ways.  In fact, I learned one recipe from a Vietnamese friend.  They used to cook clams with tamarind and chili and the taste is very nice.  However, I still prefer to cook it "Filipino style".  Just saute it with garlic, onions and ginger.  Add a bit of water, fish sauce (patis), a dash of MSG, let it boil and you're done! I used to top it with onion leeks before serving.  To complete my meal, I …

My Typical Day Out From Work

Oh well....last night, I posted on my status at Facebook that I am indeed thankful that after 17 long days of working without having a single day off, I finally got one and it's today! Yippeee!!
It's not that I'm complaining as I am used to this kind of working schedule ever since. I'm working in this kind of  set up for long years and my body just got used to it.  I have worked on shifting, no days off in a month, jump shift and every kind of schedule that you may think of.  It might be difficult for some but not for someone like me who had already adjusted to this working life style.
So today, I woke up in the morning feeling energized after getting a good night sleep.  So to start my day off, I got myself a yummy breakfast consisting of a cup of cappucino, a piece of yummy chocolate cake and to balance my hearty breakfast, I make sure that I would get a serving of fruit and I have chosen a piece of pomegranate.
I was on morning shift yesterday so I was able to do my la…

Busy Mode

If there's one wish that I would like to make at this moment, that is to have luxury of time.  I want to do all the things that I want.  At this stage, I have so many plans and so many things that interest me that I would love to do given the chance.  My "to do list" is fully loaded.  Being here, to where I am now doesn't mean that I'm fulfilled.  There are still lots of things left undone.  But as what I normally do, prioritizing is the key.  Ever since, I always try to figure our what my priorities are and I have to start from there.  The other plans should take the back seat in my long list.  I know somehow that I have to strike a balance between career, family and personal life.  I also have lots of plans for the family especially for my kids.  Things can't simply end.  To be busy was my personal choice.  I want a fast pace life especially that I'm not at home.  Focusing myself to work and other worthwhile activities will keep my world spinning.
At the…

Roto-Rooter: Your Partner in Plumbing Needs

I guess everybody would agree with me that the most important aspect of being a home maker is being able to maintain your home in good condition.  By good condition, I refer to every bit of thing in the house.  From carpentry works, roof leaks, repainting tasks, and the most often neglected, plumbing needs.  Our house areas like kitchen, bathroom and laundry area have one thing in common.  These areas are normally the first ones to get problems as these are the most used areas in the house. I couldn't count exactly how many times in the past that I got exposed to plumbing and drain problems in the bathroom and kitchen.  This really caused me a lot of disturbance, likewise house hold chores are being delayed.  What is even worst is that I have contacted several plumbing technicians and they quoted me a high service fee only to realize in the end that my problem was not really addressed.  At one time, I was asked to purchase some materials for the leaking faucet and clogged drain on…

Health Concern Is Everybody's Concern

For many people, probably health concerns are the ones most often neglected especially for those who are having a busy lifestyle.  More often, since we are more focused at work and family, we tend to have lost our interest on health issues.  People on the rat race are often less conscious about the foods they eat,  the importance of daily exercise and the necessity for regular check ups.  Well, I think otherwise.  For me, health should be a priority especially if you are a working parent or the bread winner in the family.  I believe that in order to work well and provide for your family, you should be at your optimum health level. The reason is quite obvious.  How could you perform your work at your best when you are weak and often sick.  How could you show your great potentials if you are always absent from your work due to sickness.
Having this in mind, I always take time out for myself.  I am mindful of the foods that I eat and I make sure that I get a balanced diet.  I also make it…