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Meet Lucio - The Newest Member In The Family

Mika's time has come! It's time to fulfill my promise to her. I should, right? After all, it was published in this blog that I will be buying a puppy for her especially after all my blogging friends and other visitors had expressed their support for Mikz to own a shitzu pup.

So, there we are! Last Sunday, I've decided to buy the new puppy for her, as promised. She wanted a male pup and so we got Lucio! I think, he's very cute and adorable so perhaps, Mikz was able to choose the right one for her. Lucio is just a month old. In fact, he is still into milk. He can't take solid foods now as he doesn't have a set of teeth yet (lol). Right now, we are feeding him with NIDO full cream milk as this is what he is already taking before he landed into our hands.

So without further ado, I would like to introduce Lucio, our newest member in the family.....

I guess, Mikz will now have a playmate and friend who could entertain her when off from school. Just timely coz o…

Bonding Time

My first two days in the Philippines were spent sleeping and having dinner outside with the family. My first day, I slept the whole day. I arrived past 10AM last Friday after a long night of non stop trips by plane and by bus. I was really tired but I need to fulfill my promise to my family. I promised to treat them at Sam's Pizza Haus for a late dinner. We were a bit disappointed because the band who was supposed to perform that night was not around and was replaced by another band whose performance was not really that remarkable. At any rate, we have to make the most of our family bonding time. We ordered quite a lot. Whole chicken in a wicket, jumbo size combination pizza, 2 orders of pancit bihon, 1 order of spaghetti, a pitcher of Coke and beers. I think this is quite a lot for 6 people. Me, my husband, two kids, my Mom and our house helper Ate Elsa. In fact, we were not able to finish the pizza and chicken. The jumbo sized pizza was quite big and we were only able t…

Starting An Online Shop

I'm quite fascinated with the fact that most people are now into online business. I've seen some students who, at a very young age, are already setting their own trend in business. Well, it's not quite surprising as now a days, ecommerce solution is getting so popular that even those who are not really tech savy can create a website with much ease.
Setting up an online shop is getting so popular now because of the convenience and comfort that goes with having one. With an online shop, you can reach your target market without leaving your homes and because of the fact that most people are spending more time infront of their laptops surfing the web, marketing your products is as easy as ABC.
There are various things to consider in building your online shop. First, you must decide what products you want to sell. Second, you have to choose an "eye catching" name for your shop that can easily attract your prospective buyers. Third, you have to create a good design f…

Crazy Deals At Zenni's !

For somebody like me whose eyes are the dominant organ of the body being used at work, it's not quite surprising that I am now having a corneal irregularity in my vision. I am suffering from near-sightedness for so many years now. Currently, I'm using contact lenses which I do alternate with eye glasses on some occasions. My daughter who is likewise suffering from near-sightedness had been wearing her trendy eyeglasses for 3 years now. We must admit, eyeglasses are getting quite expensive now a days especially when you are looking for something that's comfortable and a perfect fit. Good thing that there are affordable eyeglasses being sold online at Zenni Optical. 
Wearing eyeglasses now should not be a sickening experience. At Zenni Optical, they are offering rock bottom prices for prescription eyeglasses. Imagine a $6.95 prescription eyeglasses? With that price, you can wear glasses in style and even regularly update your prescriptions or if you are the fashionable typ…

Welcoming Change!

Hi Everyone!

I was a kind of busy the past few days, although I still managed to be online at least once a day. I can't afford to miss my pals eh. I was busy but I am happy.

A week from now, I will be at my native land once again, with my family, that is. I was just home last December and I'm sure that my blogging pals will all raise their eyebrows and say, what??? after reading this post.

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No, I am not a part owner of the company who was given the privilege of going home whenever I pleases nor I have unlimited vacation leave. I have just submitted my resignation from this company few days ago. Life is really full of surprises. We never know what happens next. God has been very good to me. I was offered a better job with a better package in another company here and everything happens in a matter of 3 days. Surprisingly, I got an invitation for an online interview in the morning, was offered the job in the afternoon of the same day and…

The Good Thing About Buying Meat Online

Just recently, the National Meat Inspection Services(NMIS) in the Philippines had tied up with some local government units to upgrade the quality of meats being offered at the public markets. The objective is to protect the public from health hazards brought about by the contaminated meats and from buying "double dead" meats as practiced by some syndicates around the country. As a result, some meats on public market stalls on some areas in Greater Metro Manila had been confiscated by the authorities on the grounds of "improper handling and storage".
I think this is a good move from the government considering that the spread of communicable diseases has been so evident during the past years as a result of contaminated foods being sold on public markets. Honestly, I also have a bit of apprehension when buying meat directly from public stalls as I am much worried about the issue of sanitation. Whenever I go back to the Philippines, I always tried my best to get the m…

Mikz Will Be Getting Her New Shitzu Puppy Soon!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Over the last week, I made a post, Why Should You Get Your Kid A Dog. This is a follow up on my previous post, My Daughter's Wish. I came up with a small fun game on my last post to get the opinion of my blogging buddies and readers. Should I get one for my daughter or not? I need at least 15 positive comments or YES votes to help me decide.

The result? I was a bit surprised from all the reactions/comments that I got. So far, no negative comments. Although there was a detailed comment which I got from a dear blogging friend Lainy and she had gone out of her way to explain everything about the pros and cons of having a shitzu dog. I appreciated her efforts for coming up with one. I'm sure she did spend some of her precious time to give a substantial input to that post. Thanks Lainz! That really helps a lot.

Most of the readers and my buddies go for a YES vote. I'm not sure if they were bribed by Mikz (lol) bu…

Join The Battle Cry !

Support the "Save Palawan Movement"! Say No to mining!

10 million signatures are needed to deliver a strong message to the Philippine government about the hazards of mining in Palawan. This movement was launched last February 3, hopefully to put an end to the mining activities in Palawan and help protect one of our country's treasures. To know more on how to participate in this campaign, please visit this website:

Please join and be a part of this battle cry. Support the "No to mining in Palawan" movement and help save our environment and our country's pride and treasure.

"Swerte", "Malas" Or "Kapalaran"?

Hi friends! I was busy with the past few days trying to sort out things that matter most to me. I am constantly checking with my daughter about her preparations on her forthcoming activity in school. I was constantly monitoring the clothes that she's going to wear, her accessories, her shoes, who will fix her hair, etc. I'm forever a stage mother eh.

I was also texting with my son about our plans of shifting to a new ISP at home. I was not satisfied with GLOBE. During my last vacation, it took me 20 years to upload photos in my blog, 5 years to open a website, and 3 years to blog hop. With the very slow and unreliable connection, probably, I'll be a grandmother already before I can finish a task. (Lol)

Lastly, I was busy working on my immediate plans. Sometimes, I do get bored and been looking for something new. Well, at least away from my monotonous daily activities. I wanted to try and explore other things. Be it a new hobby or craft, a small business or other e…

Hazel Jones - A Woman With Two Vaginas

Hazel's interview with ITV1

Have you already heard about uterus didelphys? It is a condition where a woman has a double set of reproductive tract organs. Meaning, two uterus, two cervix and two vaginas. In most cases, this condition had shown that woman's genitalia is normal on it's appearance, thus it is more often that this condition cannot be diagnosed at birth but rather, only during puberty stage, normally at the beginning of menstruation. Medical research had shown that in this condition, one vagina is blocked, thus the flow of menstrual blood will likewise be blocked, resulting to a menstrual blood build up, which may later cause abdominal pains. Study shows that this condition allows the woman to get pregnant but often leads to repeated miscarriages.

Recently, a British woman, aged 27 was diagnosed with uterus didelphys. Hazel Jones was already married but without children. She said during her interviews that she didn't get to realize her abnormal conditi…

Why Should You Get Your Kid A Dog?

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Why should I get my daughter a dog?

This has been the one million dollar question that I've been asking myself since I got back to Cambodia after my month long vacation in the Philippines last December of 2011. I had a post before here in this blog, entitled "My Daughter's Wish". Little that I know that since I made that post, my daughter has really been expecting too much to get her shitzu pup. Before Christmas, she was expecting that she would get it as her Christmas gift but it didn't turned out that way. Then the following month was her birthday, January 04, but then again, no shitzu pup arrived in the house.

I didn't really pushed myself too much to get one for her coz of so many projects that were long overdue and I just wanted to set my priorities. After all, a shitzu pup is not that cheap, huh?

One day, when me and my son had the appointment with the Doctor for our check up, my son purposely asked me to just wa…