Monday, December 10, 2012

Would You Go For Cosmetic Surgery?

How far would you go for the sake of staying beautiful?

This question is very intriguing and probably none could give us a very quick answer.  Women, by nature have a great love for beauty and this is probably the reason why businesses that are related to beauty and wellness are spreading like mushrooms.  Everybody wants to be beautiful, and why not? Feeling good about ourselves could boost our self confidence and the way we interact with people. Women are now getting more cautious when it comes to skin care, hair care and fashion.  Some women and even men became slaves to beauty products such as facial creams, whitening lotions, anti aging creams and the likes.  But the question is, are we getting the desired results?  

Some people can never even rely on such products for their beauty related problems and this is when they go for cosmetic surgery.  Cosmetic surgery has been the answer to various imperfections that women are experiencing.  They go for services such as breast augmentation, face lifts, lip implants, brow lift and even go as far as liposuction, tummy tack, thigh and buttock lift just to achieve that beautiful body.

Again the question is, "would you go for it for the sake of staying beautiful?"  For some, the answer might be yes.  I even heard of some friends commenting that, if they have the means, why not?  If you can afford it and you think that you would feel happy about it, then go for it!  These people would even exhaust all their means and resources to look for some reliable surgery clinics located within their area or others would try to search some reputable clinics online such as, just to assure themselves of getting their money's worth.  

For some women, going for cosmetic surgery is definitely a big No!  For them, they don't want to spend their hard earned money for something which they are not even assured of lifetime results.  Also, there are those issues of "side effects" and all those negative effects which they might not realize at the moment, but will do come later.

Looking perfectly beautiful is every body's dream.  We all wanted to be admired, to be appreciated and to be looked up to.  This is a normal feeling for every human.  For me, whatever we desire in life comes with a great responsibility. If we think that we are happy and this is the ultimate thing that could make our life meaningful, then by all means, do it!  My only word of advise is you have to weigh all the consequences, do your maths and look for professionals who could handle you with extreme care and would consider your safety above else.

On a side note, I think I would be better off with the natural way of being beautiful like eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, doing regular exercise, having a stress free life, thinking positive, and probably, I would also go for choosing the right products for my skin and hair, choose the right clothes that would fit me and nurture my mind and body with knowledge that would keep me more confident facing my family, colleagues, bosses, friends and basically all the people around me.

Lastly, having that faith and trust in God will give us that feeling of assurance that we will always be beautiful by having the right attitude and disposition in life.

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  1. i admit i'm not very conscious about my looks. as long as i'm clean and my clothes are clean, sometimes, that's good enough for me, lol!


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