Sunday, December 16, 2012

Watching Sinister at Central World Bangkok

We were on our 3rd day at Bangkok when me and kids decided to watch a movie at Central World.  Actually this is already the second movie that we watched as we have already seen "Paranormal" at SF World Cinema at MBK mall during our first day.  I have to admit, me and my kids love to watch movies.  This has been our favorite bonding time.  We always make it a point to try cinemas abroad same way that we did when we traveled to Hoh Chi Minh City Vietnam on one of our summer vacations.  When we saw a movie at Megastar Cineplex at Saigon, I really admired the interior of the cinema lobby as well as the cinema houses which are all big and nice, but the moment I saw this SF World Cinema at Central World in Bangkok, my excitement was doubled up as this cinema looks so lavish and elegant.  Really nice!

As we have already seen Paranormal, we decided to try Sinister which is also a horror movie.  We bought our tickets and just stand by on the lobby to wait for the screening time.  Of course, we had fun taking pictures especially the kids.

 Me, waiting at the lobby.

 Our tickets!

My daughter trying to find some snacks to bring inside the movie house.

It was still a bit early at that time, so we really make the most of the time by roaming around the area taking some pictures.  The place is really nice and kids really had fun! :)

Honestly, I prefer Sinister than Paranormal.  The latter is so unrealistic and so many flaws in the story. My kids told me that this is supposed to be very scary, but I ended up laughing and joking while we are watching the movie.  I didn't find it scary at all. (lol)

Anyway, our movie experience at Central World Bangkok was really unforgettable.  Every time I see our pics, I feel like I want to go back there for another round of vacation. Meaning, we really had a blast!

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  1. I don't like watching scary. I just don't like the feeling of getting surprised!


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