Monday, December 3, 2012

Salon Basics

I was a bit pleased during my recent visit to a salon.  I go for manicure and pedicure on a regular basis and on one of my salon visits, I noticed that some salons are now using laboratory oven to sterilize their nail cleaning tools such as nail clippers, pushers, cuticle nippers, etc.  I think this is a good move because it will make the customers more confident availing the nail services.  I heard stories in the past that communicable disease can also be transmitted through the use of these nail cleaning tools.  I guess, it might be true coz if you get wounded, chances are a small amount of blood will be left from either the nipper or pusher and if the blood is coming from a sick customer, then the virus can be transmitted to another customer if the nail cleaning tools were not properly cleaned and sanitized.

Sometimes, we really have to protect ourselves so we have to be wary of the things that's being used on us.  That's why I felt a bit comfortable when I saw that this particular salon is using a laboratory oven to sanitize their nail cleaning tools. I know that only few salons are practicing this but I'm sure that sooner or later, it will become a common practice on all salons.

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  1. This is a very great step for all... their appreciation and practice of health an safety measures.


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