Wednesday, December 12, 2012

On Parties and Lucky Draws

Since, it's December, I'm sure that most companies in the Philippines are very busy organizing their traditional Christmas parties and all employees are likewise very busy preparing for their performances and buying exchange gifts for their "monitos" and "monitas".  I'm quite sure also that everybody is looking forward to the company lucky draws as most companies are having it every year.  I remembered that we used to have this kind of stuff when I was still actively working in a private company in the Philippines.  We all get excited aiming for a prize during our lucky draws as our company suppliers had been very generous in sponsoring some prizes. Comes December, our company also gets very busy having tickets, vouchers and gift certificates printed.  That was years ago! Perhaps if I'm still working in that company, I would be recommending wholesale printing at  It's a faster and more efficient alternative solution for your printing needs and a lot cheaper, too.  I remembered winning around 4 times on lucky draws during my employment in that company.  It's really fun! Well, we don't have it now in my current company but you know what? Tm still keeping those prizes in my house as a souvenir (lol).

Well, I will always have fun memories of those days.  

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  1. You know what, we had that last year with a lot of senior staff and those days were so awesome and it was like party all day. Even I got a prize money gift. Now it has been forgotten and left back.


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