Thursday, December 13, 2012

On Being A Stage Mother

Just the other week, my daughter Mika had sought my permission to join a swimming party hosted by her friend in school  She told me that it will be a gathering of her friend's family but few close friends were invited.  Guess what? I did not allow her to join.  She was a bit upset at first but she understands me better after I explained to her my side.  I told her that I was just after her welfare and I wanted to have a peaceful mind at work not thinking or worrying about her safety.  The venue of the swimming party was a bit far from our house and I wouldn't like my daughter to have any problem along the way.  Call me a stage mother but I just want to protect my daughter.  I allowed her to spend time with her friends for a snack or movie marathon but I never allow her to join any swimming party.  You see, my daughter can swim but she doesn't have any formal lessons in swimming nor I trust the cleanliness of the pool especially on issues of sanitation.  Some pools are equipped with robotic pool cleaners but most are not.

Since I am working away from home, I couldn't afford to see my daughter getting sick or being in danger.  I don't want to deprive her of her youth but I also wanted to take good care of her.  It's good that my daughter was never a stubborn type and she always obeys me and this what makes me really proud of her.

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