Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Dream Destination

I've said it a number of times, Paris is one of my dream destinations!  Why is that so? Maye I was influenced by one Korean novela that I've seen where most scenes were shot in Paris.  Apart from being the capital and largest city of France, Paris has been a favorite destination of tourists due to it's many attractions, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral and Jardin De Luxembourg being the most popular ones.

Having traveled to some countries in Asia, I'm still dreaming of seeing the Eiffel Tower in the famous "City of Light".  Given the chance, I want to explore the best attractions in Paris.  But I am thinking if it would be so costly to go there. Of course, the place where I would stay would be the number one consideration.  I don't actually dream big like staying in parisluxeapt for Paris luxury apartment rentals, I think even a small but decent hotel will do.  Anyway, if it happens, I'm sure that I will be spending most of the time exploring the city rather than staying in my apartment or room.  I would also love to visit Disneyland and compare it to Disneyland in Hongkong.

Oh well, let's see! I love traveling and discovering places and understanding people and their culture.  I hope that this dream of mine will materialize, soon.  It will be a dream come true!


  1. I was blessed to have had the opportunity to visit Paris before turning 18. But the memories are fading fast, and I wasn't traveling with family/loved ones, so I really really want to go back. Hay..

  2. Paris is a lovely place to visit. :) But, I still prefer to visit places that preserves the old civilization. :D

  3. I also love to visit Paris someday if I get the chance. Happy New Year! :)

  4. Paris is definitely in my list too!!! :-) happy new year!!!!!

  5. This is in my list too. Since it belongs to the EU, I might have side trips on other countries too.


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