Thursday, December 13, 2012

Love For Cakes

Do you know that one of my weaknesses is my great love for cakes?  In today's world where every woman fancies of maintaining a slim figure and doing everything to diet, here I am with my undying love for cakes!  Good thing that I am a person with a fast metabolism.  I really never get fat no matter how much I eat.  Lucky huh?  Since cakes are one of my favorites, for sure that this is one of the things that I miss most.  It's quite funny, but now that I am staying in a suburb, you can hardly find a decent bakeshop selling cakes and breads.  The result? I'm craving for cakes!  I remembered that during my last vacation at home, I'd been having cakes to my hearts content (lol).  I bought several cakes like Mango Cake and Chocolate Mousse, both from Red Ribbon. I really love Red Ribbon cakes!   It's too bad that I can't have even a slice of cake for Christmas.

Anyway, The photo above was taken last October when me and my son is saving the last bite for each other as we both wanted to have a free cake (lol).  Of course, I lose.  I had the last bite. :)

Perhaps, I should continue baking cakes. I'd been looking for some cake recipes online and I hope that I maybe able to continue learning how to bake cakes soon.  That would bring me great pleasure for sure. :)

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