Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Busy Week

Wheww...I'm having a super busy week!  I have loads of things to finish.  Seems like I can't feel that it's already December.  For one, I cannot feel the spirit of Christmas in the place where I am staying now.  This is a predominantly Buddhist country and people here are not really celebrating Christmas.  Well, our company had put a 14 ft tall Christmas tree but that's it!  That's all what we have in our company premises.  Besides, I can't hear any Christmas carols or see any Christmas lanterns.'s more fun in the Philippines, right?  Anyway, I long prepared myself for this.  The moment I came back here after my month long vacation in the Philippines and Thailand last October, I already set my mind not to be bothered about not being able to celebrate Christmas this year.  Well, I mean I would still celebrate it in my own little ways, but not in the way I used to if I am in the Philippines. Anyway, Maybe God has a special way of helping me not to experience the blues by keeping me super busy!  Yes, I have more tasks this month and some little projects that I'm rushing of.  So, I just want to think it that way, that I'm busy so I could get away from being too sentimental (lol).

Anyway, I'm coping up.  Can hardly get a free time for myself, but I'm glad that I'm coping up.  
How about you guys? What's keeping you busy this week?

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